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Does Blog Advertising REALLY Work?

Does Blog Advertising REALLY Work?

So often, I've read comments on other sites about how reviews & giveaways on blogs are "impersonal," "non-relevant," and even "hurting" the blogging world. I beg to differ!  For a personal example, I would have never even stopped to consider purchasing Ecce Panis bake at home bread until I read about it on a a few blogs.  I specifically looked for it at the store the other day, and my husband was thrilled with it, and so was I!  And last Christmas, I tried hard to win a steam mop and when I didn't, I went out at bought it at a Black Friday deal!  If I read a positive review on a blog, I'm always more inclined to think of that product when shopping or searching for the perfect gift.  So for me, blog reviews are a great thing because I learn about products I would not have otherwise.  And, the word of mouth effect that begins with blogs is great, too!

But, if you don't believe me, read on!  I asked a few blogging friends if they ever read a review on a blog and purchased the product for themselves.  This is what they said….

Liz, from Woof Woof Mama- "2 of my faves are the ThunderShirt Anxiety Wrap for Dogs and the Blender Bottle for mixing protein shakes (I use it for making salad dressing, too). Saw both on other blogs and bought them!"

Rebekah from Let's Win– "I have bought several things I've seen on blogs: dresses from Mikarose and Shabby Apple, as well as a diamond candle."

Julie from Two Girls and Some Coupons -"I just had to have the Tangle Tamer once I seen it reviewed on another blog."

Kecia from Southern Girl Ramblings – "The Eye Fi memory card…well, I told my hubby several times that I wanted one after seeing a review and he got me one for Mother's Day ;) "

Brooke from Untrained Hair Mom – "Bee Mine natural hair care products, I saw them reviewed on a blog about 2 years ago. I purchased someand have been using the line ever since."

Greta from How Was Your Day– "I had never heard of Soda Stream until I saw it on a blog. Then I had to have one.

Janet from Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!! – "YES!! Wuggle pets…we bought the kit a few weeks ago and just bought a new pet tonight!!"

Darcy from Tales From The Nursery – "I've bought cloth diapers based off blog reviews and recently, a book. I know I've bought other stuff too though! We have bought more lalaloopsy dolls and my little pony stuff because my daughter loved what we reviewed so much!"

Dede from Savings In Seconds– "I've bought books based on blog reviews several times. Also have ordered beauty products from Sephora based on blog posts."

Liza from Views from the 'Ville – "I have a few times, actually. Especially with baby gear for my little girl. And sometimes I've bought thingsbloggers have just mentioned, not even reviewed.  For example, BooMama was talking the other day about how good Pretzel Crisps are, and I bought some yesterday to try."

Danielle from Simmworks Family Blog-"Yup! I even won the giveaway and purchased an extra item for my daughter. The item was a personalized shirt from Etsy.

Kathleen at Callista's Ramblings – "I reviewed a Kinderglo nightlight and gave one away on my own blog and then ordered another one for my other daughter afterwards."

Manda from inRandom – "Yeah, I buy all sorts of things! Sometimes I'll even review something and then buy another to giveaway as support to the company. I think Thinkgeek is probably my biggest shopping place. And jewelry, I go crazy buying jewelry. A coffeepot once, lots of snack items – especially if they mention Sunday coupons…. and books!"

And a couple of you posted on the Life With Captain Fussybuckets' Facebook page when I asked the same question:

Heather – "Constantly. Just this past two weeks we found eco orbies, (loved them!) a Home collection warmer and gel – this stomach wrap thing that really does (yes it REALLY DOES) work and a few weeks ago this tea jar thing from libra. Cool idea and went over great as a gift."

Christine – "Josie Maran Argan oil!"

Cassie – "I agree the tea glass from Libre teais sweet. My brother saw the one I got for review and loved it…now the other members of myfamily want one too."

So…what do you think? Have you bought something you've read about on a blog? Did you enter to win a giveaway, not win, and then go out and buy the product?


*I was not compensated in any form or fashion for writing this post.*

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Wednesday 20th of June 2012

Sometimes with the blast of products on the blogosphere, you can't help but want something!! I, too, have tried to win things over and over and then ultimately just bought it.


Monday 21st of May 2012

A friend who reads my blog and enters my giveaways purchased a book I reviewed and she wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for me because she doesn't browse the internet much. (only available online)


Monday 21st of May 2012

If it wasn't for blog reviews, I never would have thought to purchase cloth diapers! I now have a pretty nice fluff stash from both WINNING and actually BUYING them.  I also purchased Alexia's Garlic Baguette and Amy's Organic Soups because I read quite a few positive reviews about them. Yum! They're now a common purchase for my family.


Monday 21st of May 2012

Yay!!! I'm so glad to hear that!


Monday 21st of May 2012

They're very effective, and the reason I started doing reviews on my blog.    


Monday 21st of May 2012

I have definitely purchased from businesses I have seen advertised on blogs. But more often I buy things I entered to win in a giveaway and didn't win. Once I imagine the possibility of winning it and having it in my home, I really want it!

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