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Flightless Goose Book Tour

Flightless Goose Book Tour
Today is our stop  on the "Flightless Goose" book tour!  I received a copy of this book and immediately read it to the Captain.  He really enjoyed it!  This is such a sweet book, and tells a very good message.  Gilbert gets into an accident and he is not able to fly anymore.  This means he is left alone when all of his friends (who also call him names and pick on him for being different!) fly South for the winter.  While he has all of this free time on his hands, he runs and gets really, really fast.  I won't spoil the ending, but Gilbert is the hero.  
I had the privilege of asking the author, Eric D. Goodman, a few questions!  His answers are below, in red!
I noticed in the book jacket that you and your wife have two children.  What do they think of the book "Flightless Goose"?


They both love it.  Our daughter actually joined us and read the book in front of a live audience at the Festival of Trees.  They both consider Gilbert a friend and enjoy the story.  (Of course, they may have a bit of a bias.)
What is your favorite story to read to your children?
There are so many, it's hard to say.  But I do love reading them some of the books that I enjoyed as a kid: Dr. SeussEric CarleShel Silverstein, Maurice Sendek.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first story I remember writing was the result of a school assignment from the third grade.  It was around Halloween and we had to write a spooky story.  There were a lot of one and two page stories about witches and goblins.  I wrote a 10 page epic about a boy who built a monster to fight the evils of the world (which resulted from the earth being knocked off its axis).  I had a wild imagination, and the reaction of my classmates and teacher to the story encouraged me.  That story launched my career as a writer.
Gilbert is an awesome, lovable character.  I think you and your wife portrayed him well in the book.  What happened to the real Flightless Goose in the winter?? 
The goose really did get left behind and survived the winter to welcome back the flock in the spring.  We and the neighbors fed it bread crumbs throughout the winter. Imagine what went on in that goose's head as he bore the cold winter alone–which is exactly what we did with Flightless Goose.
I like that you included a boy in a wheelchair in the story.  It provides more opportunity to talk about how we are all different.  When reading it to my 2 year old, I realized he had never met someone in a wheelchair before.  Instant lesson!  Thank you for that!  Was this character real or made up?
This was a made up character, although there are many Johnnys in the world.  The idea of Gilbert the goose having a disability was made clearer through his friend Johnny, I think.  A child may not associate a goose who can't fly as "disabled," which really is how it should be with people.  A person who uses a wheelchair is a person first and shouldn't be defined by the wheelchair — just as he or she isn't defined by their eye color or shoe size.  That's why we show that Johnny uses a wheelchair, but it is never mentioned in the text.  We wanted to focus on the abilities of these characters and only show the disabilities as background characteristics.
Are you working on any other books?
Yes.  Nataliya and I are working on another children's book now with an entirely new cast of characters.  Then, we hope to bring Gilbert back with a sequel.
My new novel — a chapter book for adults — comes out June 30. It's called Tracks, and it takes place on a train.  Each chapter in the book is a stand-alone story about a character on the train, but they link together to form a complete novel.  You can learn more about it, listen to radio readings, and read excerpts at
Visit for more fun stuff!
The publishers, Writer's Lair Books, have given me the awesome opportunity to share one copy of "Flightless Goose" with one of my readers!  The giveaway is open to all US citizens, ages 18 and older.  Please, only one entry per household.  The giveaway will be open until Friday, July 1st at NOON central time.  I will use to select a winner after noon, email them, and announce it here on the blog.
Just fill out the Google Doc below and you're entered to win!  (tab through to get to the submit button at the bottom!)  The mandatory entry is that you must "like" the Flightless Goose facebook page.  All other entries are optional, but increase your chance of winning!
The giveaway has ended and Crystal is the lucky winner!



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