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Fun Facts about Baby D & Captain Fussybuckets!

Fun Facts about Baby D & Captain Fussybuckets!

I got this idea from Darcy over at Tales From The Nursery.  How fun!  Thanks, Darcy!

Fun Facts about Baby D

1.  Baby D is obsessed with pacifiers.  He’s not supposed to have them outside of the crib (and church!) but he has learned to throw them under the crib where he later crawls under and gets them.  He also likes to sleep with one in his mouth and one in his hand and even switches them in his sleep.

2.  He isn’t talking much, but since his ear tube surgery a few weeks ago, he is vocalizing a lot more.  A few days ago he surprised us with signing “thank you” while making his “thank you” noise that sounds like “eehooh.”  He can also say “mama,” “dada,” “duh” (for duck) and “nanana” (for banana).

3.  He loves going outside and gets quite mad if Brother goes outside and he doesn’t get to!

4.  His hair is curly.  He needs a haircut but Mommy just can’t do it yet.  He’s going to look so grown up with a haircut!

5.  He has a special talent that his brother doesn’t have.  He can drink from a straw WITHOUT backwashing!  Now that’s talent!

6.  He likes to stick his hand in our ice water at restaurants.

7.  He loves to poke our noses while he drinks from his bottle.

8.  He loves to blow kisses!

9.  He can play a mean kazoo!

10.  He loves most food, but his favorites are strawberries, blueberries, bananas, spaghetti with meat sauce, and potato straws.

Fun Facts about Captain Fussybuckets

1.  He’s getting freckles.

2.  He likes to pretend and lately, he has been pretending to be people we know, like our friends from church.

3.  He loves to sing and makes up songs about everything.

4.  His hair is straight, like Daddy’s.  So he got Daddy’s hair with Mommy’s color.

5.  His favorite things to play with are his wooden blocks, his baby doll named “Baby” and his Cabbage Patch Doll named “Jogi,” his musical instruments, his playhouse, his swingset, and any kind of ball.

6.  He is very picky with food, but he could eat these things every day:  spaghetti with meat sauce, salad with Ranch dressing, cheese pizza with olives, macaroni and cheese, grapes, and strawberries.

7.  He’s going through separation anxiety….again.  He wants Mommy and/or Daddy with him at all times.  So this means that daycare hasn’t happened but one time this year (because thankfully, it’s not an absolute that he goes,) Bible class is sometimes a teary mess, and he rarely sleeps all night in his own room.  BUT that’s okay.  We are fully aware that this will pass.  🙂

8.  He loves his brother and does a fairly good job of sharing with him, although he has his moments, of course.

9.  He would live outside if we let him.  (if Mommy or Daddy stayed with him.  See #7)

10.  He loves to draw and write!

We love these little guys!!!  

What are some fun facts about your kids?  Post a blog and add the link here or just add the info in the comments!


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Karla T

Tuesday 21st of February 2012

Very sweet post!  My oldest (now 18) would spend a whole meal at a restaurant engrossed with ice water and ice cubes. : )  Thanks for the remindet

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