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GlassDharma drinking straws are a great way to go green!

GlassDharma drinking straws are a great way to go green!
With the new year in full swing, many of us have resolved to live "greener" in 2012!  I have found the perfect start for our family…GlassDharma drinking straws!  We all love drinking out of straws, but hate the waste it produces.  When I found GlassDharma, I knew that this was an excellent company!
I received a sample of glass straws to try out and our family has really enjoyed using them.  Captain Fussybuckets' favorite straw is the Decorative Dots Sipper straw.  It's shorter than the rest (6.25") and the perfect length for a shorter cup.  I personally prefer the Beautiful Bends straw, because I prefer a slight bend rather than the straight ones:


And here is the beautiful Decorative Dots straw, in the 9" ice tea straw:


GlassDharma straws come in these sizes:
Glass straws are an excellent way to help the environment.  Imagine if you used a glass straw instead of a plastic one every time you drank a beverage, whether it be at home or eating out.  If you're like me, you've used a LOT of plastic straws in the past and now, all of those straws are just sitting in a landfill!  Becoming green takes one step at a time, and using GlassDharma straws is a step in the right direction.
GlassDharma straws are microwave and dishwasher safe, so don't think for a second that you'll have to stand over the sink and clean out the straws after every use.  If you rinse out the straws after each use, especially with beverages like smoothies or milk, you'll find that they come clean easily in the dishwasher.  However, cleaning brushes are available for those stuck on drinks…but please note that not all straws come with a cleaning brush.
GlassDharma straws have a lifetime guarantee against breaking!!  If your GlassDharma straw breaks or needs repair, they promise to either repair it or replace it!  They aren't promising that these straws can't be broken, but with proper care and usage, they should last you a lifetime!
You can buy GlassDharma straws on their website!  (just click the link)
GlassDharma is offering one Life With Captain Fussybuckets reader a $25 gift code to use on their site!  Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below!
Giveaway has ended and Courtney is the winner!

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Tuesday 10th of January 2012

Green Livin' is the life for me! Great product!


Saturday 7th of January 2012

I have seen these around. They look so cool! Hope I win! :)


Thursday 5th of January 2012

Now this is a good idea! I have a son with super sensitive teeth, sometimes straws are the only way I can get him to drink! I'll go have a look as I LOVE the idea of cutting down on the waste.

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