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Liquid Prenatal Vitamins Are Easier to Stomach

Liquid Prenatal Vitamins Are Easier to Stomach

This liquid prenatal vitamins post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are mine.

Taking vitamins is my least favorite thing to do, especially when pregnant and gaggy already.  I’ve tried a lot of different prenatal vitamins and sad to say, but the best ones are really the huge pills that you have to swallow with a huge gulp of water.  Until now!  Companies have made it easy on moms with morning sickness with liquid prenatal vitamins.

Liquid prenatal vitamins are simple to take.  I mean, it’s not like swallowing a dose of chocolate, but it’s definitely more doable than a vitamin.  All you do is mix 1 TBSP of the liquid prenatal into some water or juice and it goes down easily.  You could also take it by itself, but I, personally, would rather have it with juice.  I tried it with water and wasn’t a fan.  Mixed with grape juice isn’t bad, but mixed with orange juice was my favorite.  The drink has a hint of vitamin flavor to it, which to me, is a good thing because you know it’s not just some sugary drink claiming to have vitamins in it.  It could be mixed in with a smoothie or milkshake, too!

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Liz Neal

Wednesday 5th of June 2013

I learned that it's Organic and All Natural.


Friday 31st of May 2013

I learned they are 100 percent organic

Eric Risner

Thursday 30th of May 2013

They would be great for my wife who has trouble swallowing her prenatal pills.  Le liquid form would be easier, plus it is probably richer.


Monday 27th of May 2013

It uses a whole food source of folate rather than synthetic


Saturday 25th of May 2013

I had the toughest time with prenatals beause of nausea. Ended up having to take gummy vitamins - for some reason I could keep gummies down easily. I'm liking this liquid idea too!

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