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One World Futbol Project – Sponsor Spotlight {12 Days of Gifts Galore}

I love a company with a great story and great cause.  One World Futbol Project is a company that is doing good in the world.  This project was inspired by Darfur refugees who played soccer (or futbol) with a bundle of trash tied up with twine on a patch of dirt and rocks with barbed wire for boundaries.  Tim Jahnigen, after watching a documentary about these children, was inspired to design a ball that would never wear out, never go flat, and never need a pump.  Sting (yes, THAT Sting) got on board with the project and with that, One World Futbol was born!

So what’s the cause, you ask?  Well, for every futbol that the company sells, they donate a second ball to one of their partner organizations at work in need communities.  So while you’re getting a great gift for your kids or yourself, you can also take pride in knowing that another ball is being shipped to a child or children who can really use such a durable ball!  The One World Futbol has been introduced in over 60 countries through nearly 100 organizations in programs that focus on conflict resolution, health, and personal development, and community-building.  Because of this, the One World Futbol Project was named one of three finalists for the 2010 Peace and Sport Awards.

My little soccer player LOVES this ball!



You can order your own One World Futbol and (thus order one for kids who could really benefit from it) by visiting or calling 1-888-99-FUTBOL.  You can buy a ball and give one to an organization for $39.95.  If you don’t need your own ball, but you just want to give one, it’s only $25.  Give two or more balls, they’re only $20.  Remember….these balls are super durable, it’s not like buying an ordinary soccer ball!  They’re designed to last!
*Disclosure:  The product in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my very own and are not influenced by monetary compensation!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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