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The Disappearing Package

My husband is tired of me talking about this and speculating, so now my readers get to endure this story!  :o)
In July, I won a set of sand toys from a popular kids’ brand on a blog just like mine.  I was excited and I knew Captain Fussybuckets would love them.  I sent in my address and waited.  Towards the end of August, I just emailed the blogger and asked if she knew if the package had been sent.  (They say to wait 6-8 weeks as a courtesy to the blogger before asking where your prize is, by the way, but I’m here to tell you, if you haven’t received something in 4 weeks from my blog, send me an email.  All of my sponsors are super nice and won’t mind me sending them an email to ask if the product has been shipped yet.)
So I sent the email.  And waited.  Turns out my email went to her spam folder.  No big deal.  She checked with the company and they said they had shipped it via a very popular package delivery service and it had been left on my doorstep on August 8th at 2 PM.  Um……….no.  August 8th was the day that the hubby had strep.  I was home all day and trying to keep the boys quiet so they wouldn’t disturb him.  I would’ve known if someone knocked on my door and left us a package.
I got the confirmation number and filed a report with the popular package delivery service.  Who knows what, if anything, will come of it, but before you think of me as some greedy person, I don’t CARE if we ever get that package.  I do NOT want to be sent another set of sand toys.  The first one was FREE and I WON it.  If I had paid for it, sure, but I didn’t.  I’m not one of those crazy people who thinks that everyone OWES me something.
The point is that something isn’t right here.  Either the package was delivered to my house and someone TOOK it or it was never delivered in the first place.  My husband always makes fun of me and tells me I’m a detective.  I just can’t let it rest until I know what happened, or at least try to know what happened.  Chances are, I may never know, but that doesn’t make me not want to try.
So, I’ll keep you posted if I find anything out.  If you know what happened, you can let me know!  Whoever has the toys probably needed them more than me, so they can keep them.  I’d just like to know that they’re in a safe place and not hiding in some obscure place in our yard.  haha!

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Saturday 3rd of September 2011

So I'm going to go out on a limb and say the delivery company has an arrow in it (look close and you see it) But I have noticed they no longer knock and just leave a sticky note on your door if they even do that much. I have waited all day for a computer package. You know the ones you don't want to leave outside, just to have him come home from work and find it on the prouch and tell me I haven't been paying attention. lol true but the dog's didn't even bark!! So I feel your pain/

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