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Unanswered E-mails

I think I have e-mail OCD.  I can somehow catalog e-mails and then mentally check them off when they’re responded to.  I still remember an e-mail I sent to a dear friend about three years ago that was never responded to.  
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I know, this is a very silly post, but bear with  me.  What are the rules of e-mail?  If an e-mail is not responded to in a few days, do you call and say “did you get my e-mail?” or do you just let it go?  I mean, stuff gets sent to spam and some e-mails disappear in cyber space all of the time.  And if it was THAT important, an e-mail probably shouldn’t have been sent in place of a phone call in the first place, right?  (says the lady who told her brother she was having another baby by email…haha!  oops)
I mean, honestly, I’m not asking for a novel in return.  I just want my questions answered and to know that you did, in fact, receive my e-mail.  Even a “sorry, I don’t have time to respond to your useless banter” is better than ignoring it all together.  *sigh*
And yes, I am a nerd discussing this on my blog.  I know.  Again…. *sigh*
So I’m just wondering what you do.  Do you avoid e-mails in the first place?  Do you write a follow up e-mail or place a follow up phone call?  Or do you just let it go?
(Oh, if I have failed to respond to one of your e-mails, I’ll tell you, I DO want a follow up e-mail saying “look, you didn’t e-mail back!!”)

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Create With Joy

Saturday 2nd of July 2011

Thanks for joining me at Create With Joy. I am following you back (and would have been by sooner but we lost our Internet connection for a few days this week!)

Have a fabulous 4th!Ramona

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Saturday 2nd of July 2011

Hi,thanks for following my blog. I am following you back.


Friday 1st of July 2011

This isn't a silly post, I think it's a good one to discuss. For me, in general, it's always important to get a respond. When I first got connected with the net, I used to see it very rude when my e-mails aren't respond or even a comment. Then, I took the consider of being busy for a person. Yet, they still have time to read the message why not reply back too?! At least like what you said (sorry, I don't have time to respond to your useless banter) is better than ignoring the whole thing!

Now, I really don't care much. Whenever I sent out an e-mail or ever a comment I don't except any reply back in return. And that what happens! And I don't get bothered about it. If it happens that the person replied back then it's awesome. In other words, I just let it go ^^

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