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We love B. toys!! Meowsic and Hugs :) Links review!

We love B. toys!! Meowsic and Hugs :) Links review!
Have you heard of B. toys?  If you shop in the toy section at Target, I’m almost positive that you’ve seen them.     B. toys are eye-catching and different, in a GOOD way!
Captain Fussybuckets and Baby D were able to review two products from B. toys.  First up was the Meowsic.  If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know that Captain Fussybuckets LOVES music.  I knew that the Meowsic would be a hit with him when I first saw it.  It’s a keyboard (I called it a “piano” once and Fussybuckets immediately corrected me:  “No, it’s not a piano, it’s a keyboard, Mommy.”)


The Meowsic can do a lot of stuff!  It has five instrument sounds and five rhythm sounds, twenty familiar songs, seven “witty kitty” songs with lyrics, volume control, beat & tempo control, an auto-off feature, and our favorite:  the retractable sing-along microphone.  It can also record and play back what you have played!
The one thing that we wish it did was record what you sing into the mic, but that’s okay, it’s probably less annoying that way.  ;o)
The Meowsic has won a few awards including Top 10 Disney 2010 FamilyFun Toy of the Year, Parent Tested Parent Approved First Place Award and Seal of Approval, and Dr. Toy’s “Best Pick.”  And the Meowsic definitely has won the “Coolest Toy” award in our house.  Not only does Captain Fussybuckets think so, but Daddy has even told me more than once “this is an awesome machine.”  :o)  Fussybuckets even had to take it to bed last night and it was the first thing he grabbed this morning.  So yeah, it’s definitely a hit.  If you have a child that’s 2-6 or so and don’t know what to get them for Christmas or their birthday or whatever, I highly suggest the Meowsic!
Okay, next up are the Hugs 🙂 Links!  I saw these at Target and to be honest I thought to myself “those are cute, but they’re probably just normal baby links.”  They’re so not your average baby links!  Each link has a little bead on it that makes them the perfect little rattles!  They’re also wonderful teethers:



The links are made of smooth plastic and can be used for many other things.  Baby D likes to either chew/suck on them or shake them.  Captain Fussybuckets likes to “build” with them, link them, and pretend that they’re his “keys.”  🙂  They’re cute and multi-functional!!  The Hugs are recommended for ages 3 months through 3 years.  Sooo….if you have or know a little one that is too young for the Meowsic, the Hugs links would be a great gift choice!
Or….you could get them both:
Not the best picture, but check out Baby D teething on the Hugs links and jamming on out the Meowsic!!
Check out the other awesomely different toys from B. toys!

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Saturday 17th of September 2011

Stopping by from the 'Finding new Friends' Weekend Blog Hop - love the Hugs :) Links!! Beautiful family, too!!


Friday 16th of September 2011

The Meowsic looks adorable - I know it was a hugely popular Christmas gift for kiddos in one of my mom's group. I think my eldest will be getting one for his third birthday in November!

The Hugs are cute and just the right size for Captain, aren't they?

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