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Give AND Receive with the World Vision Gift Catalog

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Christmas is the season for buying gifts, as we all know.  But what if we were to buy gifts outside of the norm, say, a chicken, goat, or clean water?  Through World Vision, you can buy these things for people who really and truly NEED them, all from the comfort of your home.  $100 buys a goat and two chickens for a family that desperately needs them.  $25 can buy clean water.  And a share of a deep well can be bought for $100.  I think this is a great way to teach your own children about the needs of others and how we can spread the blessings out to help those in need.  You can also sponsor a child through World Vision!

Watch this video about how your monetary donation can be used to help people all over the world:  

Through the World Vision Gift Catalog, you can donate to World Vision, they will put the money to good use all over the world, and you get a gift in return, like this beautiful Artisan Multi-Colored necklace for donating $100:

World Vision

The necklace can be worn in many ways:  long, short, or even as a belt.

Jennifer S. is the lucky winner of the beautiful necklace!

**I received the necklace as a review item and that necklace is the one that was given away here**

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Tuesday 18th of December 2012

I love the different ways you can give.

Shannon Barnes

Monday 17th of December 2012

Anything to help the needy!


Sunday 16th of December 2012

I love that World Vision provides win/win options. I win because I find a great and unique gift for somebody I love but who already has everything they need and most of what they want, they win because they didn't need another bath set or trivet, and the recipients of the real gift (the livestock, etc.) win because they get something that truly makes a difference, and can help provide a living for their family. What's not to love about that?!

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

Tricia Andrews

Saturday 15th of December 2012

I love how there are different types of gifts like animals to raise/breed/eat, or monetary donations to help girls get out of sexual exploitation, or buy a bike for a girl to get to school. A variety of gifts that would fit everyone on your list and their causes/issues they support.


Saturday 15th of December 2012

I like that you can choose what you giving

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