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10 Things Every Family Should Keep In The Car

10 Things Every Family Should Keep In the Car

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We spend much of our time in the car- going to see family, driving to and from sports practices and events, going shopping, to church, to school, and many other things during each and every week.  We are very thankful to have cars to take us to the places that we need to go!  It’s important to remember that because we are in the car so much, it’s helpful that we keep them well stocked with essential items in case we need them.

With winter approaching, it’s important to keep things in your car that are specific to your climate.  This is just a general list, but obviously if you live in Alaska, you will need to add more things to your car essentials list! And no matter where you live, you will definitely want to have proof of car insurance coverage in your glovebox.

Ten Things Every Family Should Keep In The Car

1.  First Aid Kit – You can purchase a first aid kit specifically for your car or create your own, but it should have things like band-aids, first aid directions, gauze, scissors, tweezers, vinyl gloves, alcohol prep pads, and more.

2.  Extra Clothes –  Accidents, spills, rain, and more happen!  Pack underwear, socks, a season appropriate outfit, and a jacket for each member of the family.  You can save money by shopping thrift stores for extra clothes. Check out these cheap packable rain jackets, too!

3.  Water – There have been so many times that the kids have been thirsty and completely drank all of the water they had when we left the house within the first ten minutes of the trip.  Always grab two times the water that you think you will need.  Leaving water in plastic bottles in the car in the hot summer days isn’t a good idea, but storing water in glass bottles or stocking up each trip is a good idea.

4.  Snacks – Any parent knows that this one is a biggie.  Kids get hungry, even when you thing there’s no way they could possibly eat another bite.  Keep a stash of granola bars, crackers, or other snacks in the car at all times to be prepared for any bouts of hunger.

5.  Jumper cables – If you ever need help starting your battery, it’s better to have a set of your own jumper cables instead of trying to find someone who has some that you can use.

6.  Hidden money – I’m not talking about stashing a thousand dollars in your van, but do think about hiding a few ones, fives, tens, and a twenty, along with some spare change in your car.  This is helpful for places that don’t accept credit cards, toll roads, or other instances where cash is necessary.

7.  Flashlight – You just never know when a flashlight will come in handy!

8. Fix-a-flat, tire repair kit, car jack, and spare tire – I know, I know, that’s four things, but flat tires and blowouts happen, so make sure you’re prepared!

9. Cell phone charger – I think most of us have this already, but it’s essential!  Better yet, an old charged cell phone that has been turned off could be stored in your car at all times because any cell phone will be able to call 911.  

10.  Blankets and Towels – For the same reasons that we need to keep extra clothes available, blankets and towels can be used for so many things and helpful is many situations. 

What items do you find it necessary to keep in the car?


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Monday 13th of June 2016

I rarely am prepared in the car more than an extra hair tie, another pair of sunglasses, cell phone charger, and a blanket - but I need to get a little bit better. I think I need to add the first aid kit and jumper cables at least. Great list, thanks for sharing!

Sharon cubic

Monday 26th of October 2015

i would love to have this

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