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Confession time.  When I was a kindergarten teacher, before having my own children, I often wondered why it was so hard on some parents to drop their kids off at school.  Some parents happily dropped their child off in the car line and went on their way.  Some kids were anxious about school, so their parents dropped them off at my door every single day, all year long.  I kept thinking that the parents walking them to the door made them anxious, so they should “just stop.”  Well, a lot of lessons are learned after becoming a parent, and I’ve been learning that I was wrong about a lot of things when I was a childless teacher.  I’ve learned a lot about the adjustments both parents and kids have to make when it’s time for school, daycare, a new Sunday school class, whatever it may be.

The Captain has a big case of anxiety about  new situations.  Anything that’s new, he gets anxious, and oftentimes cries.  He’s a lot like his mommy in that respect.  He has learned to psych himself up because he has realized that, for the most part, he enjoys whatever it is once he gets there.  

So, the plan for this year was to send him back to the preschool he has been in for the past year.  It’s at a church, so he was getting Christian education, along with a preschool learning environment.  He liked it, the teachers were nice, the class size was small, and it was only twice a week.  But this Monday, school started, and Hubby and I began thinking about our other options.  Maybe he was ready for a half day, every day program?  We checked it out, applied, and he started yesterday.  Three days late, but they didn’t seem like it was a big deal, although, being a former teacher, I realize it was probably a bit annoying.  

He was so excited.  His session doesn’t start until lunch time, so the poor guy had to wait all morning for us to finally take him to school.  It was so hard to contain his excitement and we were so happy he was liking this idea.  All was great until it was time to leave him there.  We gave him hugs and positive words, and told him what to expect.  He was prepared, but he lost it after we left.  Apparently, the cafeteria is an overwhelming, overstimulating thing to a four year old who is extremely loud himself, but not used to eating in an extremely loud place without his family and a bunch of kids he doesn’t know.  Sigh.  So, he cried.  A lot.  He ate a tiny bit, but for the most part, he cried.  And he cried all the way through half of recess, which was right after lunch.  He said he stopped crying enough to climb the rock wall, and once they got back to the classroom to “start school,” he was fine.  The teacher told me that they read “The Kissing Hand” and talked about nocturnal animals, which was RIGHT up the Captain’s alley.  He loved it.  He loves the classroom setting and learning, reading, coloring, singing, etc, but man, that cafeteria!  ha!  Who would’ve guessed?

Today he woke up a little apprehensive.  Yesterday he told us he wanted to go back, but this morning, he wasn’t so sure.  Then there was the whole wardrobe malfunction.  He wanted to dress like Daddy, but didn’t have the right pair of khaki shorts.  

Well, we will see how today goes.  I’m praying for the little guy to get adjusted and learn to love his new school.  That would make me feel better about our decision to switch schools.  I realize every child goes through moments like this, and it’s part of life unless you can somehow manage to keep your child with you 24/7 until they are adults, but of course, that’s probably not beneficial either.  So, if you have any encouraging words or stories, I’d love to hear them!

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Friday 30th of August 2013

I have no advice because I'm going through a few adjustments myself, but hang in there, Mommy. It gets easier and he looks so happy!!


Saturday 31st of August 2013

Thanks, Janet!  It's been a rough few days for him but I think he'll be okay.  ;)


Thursday 29th of August 2013

I'm feeling pretty zen about my kiddo's move to Kindergarten on Tuesday, however, he has been at this school since he was 3 months old. I'm sure the move to 1st grade at a public school next year will be a WHOLE different story. However, every year when he has moved to new rooms, got new teachers or we had to make any adjustments to the routine, there were always some issues. Behavioral. Sleeping. Eating. After a couple weeks, it usually works itself out and becomes the new normal. Give it some time. Be positive (which I cannot imagine you would be anything else!) and have faith that he will do just fine :) 

It's hard to see our kiddos sad! Many hugs mama! 


Thursday 29th of August 2013

Thanks, Joanne!  Stinks, but I'm glad to hear that he's "normal."  You just reminded me that he started wetting the bed again for about  2 weeks when he started his new school LAST year.  Changes and adjustments are hard, but we'll be okay!  Good luck with yours!


Thursday 29th of August 2013

Next Wednesday, my son will start PreK at a new school. He's been enrolled in the same early education program since he was four months old, next week everything will be new and different. I know that we have made the best choice in terms of his education by moving him into this new program, but I am feeling anxious and nervous about how he will handle it. I know that he will miss his friends from his other school, but also know that he'll make new friends and love them just as much.

Sometimes, being a parent is just no fun.


Thursday 29th of August 2013

Ah, you said it!  I think this will turn out okay.....I has to, right?  But the process is just so, so hard!  Good luck with your son's transition!

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