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Avoid The Doctor’s Office with Doctor on Demand

All three of the boys were born during cold and flu season.  I always hated bundling them up and hauling them to a waiting room full of people with various illnesses.  Thankfully, they never caught anything from the doctor’s office (that happens later when they touch everything,) but it still would have been nice to have other options.  Well, now you have a great option for staying home when you definitely do not feel like going anywhere.  Doctor on Demand is a healthcare service that allows parents and kids to stay in the comfort of their own home and receive quality medical attention.  Patients can receive Video Visits with board certified physicians, psychologists, and even lactation consultants via smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

A few months ago, I tried out the Doctor on Demand app for the first time.  It was fantastic for helping with Baby Brother’s bad face eczema.  We were between well child check-ups and I did not want to lug three kids to the doctor and pay an insane fee, but we did need medical advice.  Perfect scenario for Doctor on Demand.  Another good opportunity came up recently where the staff at the boys’ clinic actually called to ask if we would wait until Spring to bring the older two boys in for their well child check-ups because they had been having SO many come in with the flu and other viruses.  Of course I said yes, but that also meant that we had to delay asking about a few things for the boys.  That’s when I knew Doctor on Demand would come to the rescue, again.

I opened up the Doctor on Demand app and entered all of the Captain’s info…age, symptoms, etc.  We then were put in a virtual “waiting room” while we were connected to a doctor.  The wait was about 2 minutes, which was beyond reasonable.  I wait 2 minutes just to see the receptionist at the boys’ clinic.

doctor on demand

We were connected to Dr. Olson.  He was very kind and introduced himself to the Captain and I. That’s another thing about Doctor on Demand….you do NOT have to get dressed up and ready to go to the doctor when you feel bad already.  Look at my crazy hair!  I don’t even care!  Doctor on Demand

Dr. Olson was so nice to us and listened to what I had to say.  He had me use the app to take a picture of a rash that the Captain had and send it to him.  He looked at it after it sent and made a diagnosis.  He then gave information about how to treat it and take care of it, and offered to call in a prescription to treat it, as well.  He also said that if it did not clear up in 2 weeks, to follow up with his regular physician.

With our insurance, a visit like this with the Captain’s doctor would have been around $120.  (We don’t pay copays, but do have a low deductible.)  Add in the cost of gas and loading up three kids in the van, sitting in the waiting room, being exposed to other sick people, waiting at the drugstore, etc.  Doctor on Demand saved us SO MUCH time, money, and possibly more sickness.  (While we were given a code to use for a free visit, it would have cost $40 for a 15 minute call.)

I was also thrilled to see that you can visit with lactation consultants and psychologists.  Do you know how many people NEED to visit a lactation consultant or psychologist but don’t due to anxiety, transportation issues, fussy babies, or other reasons?  I think that Doctor on Demand is doing a fabulous service for the people that truly need it the most.  

Learn more at the Doctor on Demand website and download the app today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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