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It’s Back To (Public) School For Us!

I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.  #backtobgosh #BgoshJeanius

Osh Kosh B'GoshLast year, I homeschooled the boys.  It’s what was right for our family at the time and given the opportunity, I’d do it all over again.  I’m so happy that I had extra time with my boys!  The Captain was in kindergarten and D followed right behind him, trying to do all that he did.  About mid-year, the Captain, who had major school anxiety in pre-k for months, started talking about maybe trying public school for first grade.  We talked about it a lot since then, and now he is fully on board and registered for first grade public school.  This mama is nervous, he’s a bit apprehensive, (big word that his Grampy taught him!) and he convinced D (and us) that he needed to try pre-k, too.  They love being together and I think they will both do better knowing that Brother is there, too.

Well, now D is very apprehensive, so we are doing all that we can to encourage him and let him know that he will: A) have fun and B) be okay!  I hope to update you in a few weeks that things are going great.  Pray for us!!

The first step in back-to-school preparation is shopping, of course!  We went to OshKosh B’Gosh to get some great deals on clothing that we all can agree on.  The Captain loves his sporty clothes and D loves jeans and lucky for me, OshKosh is the perfect place for both!  They have great sales, coupons (check below for a great one,) clearance, and their clothes are great quality that will last.  

#backtobgosh #BgoshJeanius

D is my child that would rather run around in mismatched jammies and save all of his money that he earns.  The Captain is always talking him into spending his money on different things, most of the time, it’s gum.  D would spend $20 on just gum if we let him.  I wanted him to be excited about going to school and wearing new clothes, but he was not so thrilled to go shopping for clothes.  When he laid eyes on this awesome shirt, though, he was sold.  Throw in some jeans and some sporty clothes, and he was done.  He quickly tried them on and then it was back to being silly 4 year-old.  

The Captain grabbed four times as many clothes as D and enjoyed every second of the whole clothes shopping process.  They are two totally different personalities!  Neither of them are crazy about trying clothes on, but when it involves a large dressing room with your family, then it’s not so bad.

#backtobgosh #BgoshJeaniusWe got the boys all ready for school and even got some super cool shoes that even I love.  The Captain had decided a few months ago that he didn’t want to match D anymore, but something about having matching shoes with your little brother was pretty cool.  Love!
OshKosh B'GoshOsh Kosh B’Gosh has the must-haves of the season, like bold prints, a touch of glow, (D’s first shirt glows in the dark!) and the new Black, White, & Indigo collection.  And, of course, OshKosh never fails with B’Gosh blue jeans and World’s Best Overalls.  Check out all the fun styles at OshKosh B’gosh and find a store near you.  

B’Gosh Jeanius Campaign

OshKosh B’gosh wants all kids to have exactly what they need for school.  That’s the inspiration behind the nation launch of the “B’gosh Jeanius Campaign”.  OshKosh B’gosh has partnered with K.I.D.S./ Fashion Delivers, Inc., and will give customers the opportunity to donate a new pair of jeans or make a cash donation to local students in need this school year.  We were able to easily add a donation to our total for a local student!

All denim donated from July 28 through September 16, 2015, will be delivered to local children in need through K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, while cash donations will be dispersed to local  The Carters Charitable foundation will match all cash donations up to $50,000 and all denim donations with a new item of clothing.  It’s so easy to donate a new pair of jeans or make a cash donation at the register.

What is still on your back-to-school shopping list?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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