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Counting Our Blessings and Laughing at the Humorous Moments!

It has really been a busy summer for our family!  Some days move slowly, and some are gone before we even realized it was a new day!  Some days are filled with apparent blessings and some days are just so rotten that you have to find the humor in them!  🙂

We just got back from my old hometown, visiting my family and attending the funeral of my 96 year old grandmother.  She had a very full life and left a legacy of love and faithfulness to God, that of which I'm very proud and thankful.

My Mema's service was a beautiful one.  My father gave a very touching speech that was sprinkled with humor that was very fitting.  The singing and flowers were beautiful, and the message that was given by the preacher from my childhood was a good one.  I missed a few parts of the service because, well, my husband was helping with the song leading and audio visual and midway through the service, D proclaimed: "I need poop."  Hmm.  He's 2 1/2 and pretty much potty trained, so I asked him if he could hold it.  ha!  Yeah right!  So, the Captain, D, and I got up out of the funeral and went to the back to use the restroom.  Annnnd once we got there, turns out it was a false alarm.  No big deal, the funeral workers might have been annoyed, but my Mema would've understood and probably laughed.  That's how she was…..always loving and welcoming the little ones.  She would've also laughed at the fact that during the visitation service, the Captain and his five year old girl cousin were "getting married" in one of the other rooms and dancing and singing loudly.  Man, thank goodness the kids were around.  They always lighten the mood and remind us that we need to stop and laugh every once in awhile.  

Death and funerals are hard to understand.  Even as an adult, the emotions, questions, and some practices are hard for even an adult to understand.  Since this was the second funeral for my kids to attend (this year, none the less), I think they've got a pretty good grasp on it, but that doesn't make the waiting, standing, people you don't know coming up and hugging you, and new things any easier.  The boys, and their four cousins (six under six!) did a remarkable job.  We had our moments, but all went well and we were able to say goodbye to Mema as a family.  We have such blessings in our family, our extended families, and the sweet memories of Mema to cherish always.

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Friday 26th of July 2013

I'm sorry for your loss! I was just at a service this past week for my Great Aunt (the last sister of my Grandma's). I was saddened more than I expected, but it was just the reminder of my Grandma. I do agree humor helps...they had it themselves and would appreciate some smiles instead of tears. Kids are great to lighten the mood as well. My son was a toddler when my Grandma passed and that helped me.


Monday 22nd of July 2013

What a beautiful tribute to Mema! I'm so sorry for your loss, but it seems that she was quite a blessing to your family.


Monday 22nd of July 2013

Thank you!

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