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Finding Joy in the Small Moments

The world is in a terrible funk right now, as you are well aware. I am the most introverted homebody, but yet I still am itching to get out into the real world again. It is definitely a trying time, but I am finding joy in the small moments. I know, it’s easier said that done, but sometimes just spending time with my kids with no schedule, no must dos, and just doing what they want to do helps create a childlike happiness in me that we forget about as adults.  This is a sponsored post for Juicy Juice, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

international day of happiness

We just got back from a camping trip, and it was SO good to get outdoors and enjoy nature. The weather was beautiful and we went hiking, fishing, geocaching, and more. Despite the spring allergies, it gave us a major dose of happiness! The lake seems to be a place of happiness for us, but what happens when we cannot get to a state park or lake?

Finding Joy in the Small Moments

There really is no better time than to practice finding joy in the small moments. If you have kids, when was the last time you asked them what they wanted to do? Sure, you may have to give them ideas (and some restrictions..ha!) but if you brainstorm with your kid(s) and check out the activity suggestions that Juicy Juice has to offer, you will all find something FUN to do that will give you all a sense of joy and happiness, just by doing something together!

finding joy in the small moments juicy juice

Activities for Families to do Together

Check the Juicy Juice website for all of these fun things to do with your family! I find that when we do things together, our happiness level soars. Juicy Juice is making is super simple for families to select a few activities or recipes that they want to try and using the available resources to do them…together. There are art projects, recipes, indoor and outdoor activities, and more. I know the boys and I will love the Squirt Gun Cup Race and Backyard Bowling Alley!

Giving Kids Choices Helps Them Feel Secure

Kids don’t have a choice about many things, but letting them choose their favorite kind of juice or what to eat for dinner can make them feel secure, important, and even responsible. I find that doing something as simple as asking my youngest which kind of juice he wants at the store (he always picks Juicy Juice apple juice, for the record!) can change his behavior, lift his spirits, and be joyful and helpful.

finding joy in the small moments

Recipes for Families to MAKE Together!

I have been trying to teach the boys to cook little things, here and there, ever since they were little. Cooking is a very valuable life skill! This is the perfect time to teach kids of all ages how to cook and there are many delicious recipes to choose from! 

How are you finding joy in the small moments?

international day of happiness

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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