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Make Fire Safety Fun! Throw a Party to Help Kids Learn and Make a DIY Paw Patrol Badge, too!

This shop has been compensated. All opinions are mine alone. Teach your kids about fire safety. #ChangeYourClockOur boys have always loved to play dress-up.  If there is one real profession that they love pretending to be the most, it is a firefighter.  I think it has to do with getting to spray a really huge hose and that they drive huge red trucks, but the boys just love it.  Their love for being firemen has allowed us to teach them key facts when it comes to fire safety.  Since they were all old enough to walk, and probably even before, we have been teaching them that we do not touch hot things, don’t touch the oven or stove, don’t play with lighters or matches, etc, like all parents teach their kids.  But, there is really so much more to be taught when it comes to fire safety.

I realized it was time to have a big family discussion about fire safety, what to do in case there is a fire, and what a smoke detector is.  (I figured they should know that it’s not just something that goes off when Mommy burns something.)  With the time change coming up, I had already picked up some Energizer® MAX® 9V batteries at Target to change out our existing batteries in our smoke alarms.

I told the boys that we would be having a “Fire Safety Party” and they were excited!  They dressed up in their fire fighter gear and we took the party outside.  I made it very kid friendly with a coloring sheet, crayons, cupcakes, and also a DIY Paw Patrol badge craft.
fire cupcakesMommy’s attempt at fire cupcakes. The “fire” is melted cherry Jolly Ranchers that had been broken up.Fire Safety

Download the coloring page and Household Safety Checklist and printables that we used!

We then made a pretty simple DIY Paw Patrol badge.  I am confessing that I used a badge printable template online, and they were easy for the Captain to make.  The boys were so excited to have a badge like Marshall’s from the Paw Patrol, which is one show that they all love!  Dogs helping out, who can resist?

After that, Daddy gave the boys a great lesson on changing the batteries in our smoke detectors.  He showed them how to do it, talked about what smoke detectors were for, and more about fire safety.

#ChangeYourClockHe then showed the boys how to check to see if the smoke detector was working properly with the test button.

#ChangeYourClocksD wasn’t a fan of the loud noise, but it was helpful for him to see how and what the loud smoke dector is for!
Paw Patrol Marshall Badge

DIY Paw Patrol Badge

DIY Paw Patrol Badge

Make this cute DIY Paw Patrol badge and talk about fire safety!


  • one sheet of white foam
  • one sheet of red paper
  • one sheet of yellow paper
  • liquid school glue (glue stick doesn't work...we tried)
  • one large safety pin per badge
  • optional - badge template if you are like me and cannot freehand one!


  • hot glue gun, for parents' use only
  • scissors


paw patrol badge

  1. Trace badge template or freehand a badge shape onto white foam paper.
  2. Trace smaller badge template or freehand a smaller one on red paper.
  3. Cut out white badge and red badge
  4. Use liquid glue to attach red badge on top of the white foam badge. You don't want to use too much glue, so smooth it out with your finger or a paint brush prior to attaching it to the foam. 
  5. The foam is difficult to stick to, so I turned the badge over after I had glued the red badge on top and put a book on top for about 3-5 minutes to make it flat and smooth.
  6. Meanwhile, cut a flame shape out of the yellow paper. This was a little trickier for the Captain, so I helped.
  7. Glue the yellow flame on top of the red paper on the badge.
  8. When your badge is complete, hot glue a large safety pin on the back of the badge, leaving the pin side outwards so it's easy to attach to your child's clothing.
  9. After the hot glue has dried, attach to clothing and let the Paw Patrol fun begin!

Did you make this project?

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How do you teach your children about fire safety in the home?


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Carolyn West

Sunday 25th of October 2015

I love it! What a great way to get the kids involved and teach them how to be safe in case of a fire. #client


Monday 26th of October 2015

thanks, Carolyn!

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