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Five Benefits of Using Paper Workbooks and Textbooks in the Digital Age Classroom

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I remember when the Captain was a baby, it was strongly advised to not let babies see any screens until the age of 2.  We have always practiced moderation with screen time, but I have found that age appropriate, educational shows and games can be very beneficial to little ones.  On top of that, these kids are growing up in the digital age, so they really should be prepared for using technology.  Granted, there is plenty of time to learn how to use technology after the age of 2, but like I said, moderation with screen time and actually talking to and interacting with your kids while they are having screen time is so beneficial!

The Captain started 1st grade in public school last week, and I was happy to see that he still had paper textbooks and workbooks.  I am equally as happy that his school uses desktop computers and tablets in a traveling lab.  I want him to be using technology at school!  I do know that there are some kids who only use digital textbooks, and while that’s okay, I have compiled a list of five benefits of using paper workbooks and textbooks in the digital age classroom. 

1.  Less Eyestrain –  My teachers and parents always told me that if I tried to read in dim light, it would hurt my eyes.  While this was and is true, I do believe that the eyestrain we are getting from trying to read on electronic devices is causing more harm that any kind of reading out of an old fashioned book could do.  And if you’re reading in low light, just grab a flashlight or go outside if it’s during the day.

2.  Better comprehension – I have read a lot of articles and have heard many people say that they are better able to retain the information they read when it is in a real, physical book.  This may not be true for everyone, but it’s an interesting theory!

3.  Fewer distractions – Unless you turn off all notifications on your phone or tablet, you may have lots of distractions while reading an ebook.   No notifications will pop up on your page while reading a real book!

4.  No need for electricity – Finding an outlet to charge your electronic device can be tricky, especially when everyone else is looking for one, too.  You will never need to find an outlet for charging with a real book.  (Well, unless you need a light to read it with!)

5.  Getting to write, highlight, and use sticky notes in the book!  This was always SO much fun when I got to college.  I think it helped me retain the information when I was able to highlight or underline.  Yes, some e-readers allow you to do the same thing, but the physical act of writing in the book is both fun and helpful!

I am very glad that we and our children have so many options available.  Students need to find what works best for them, whether it be an old worn out, dog eared book that they can curl up with outside, or an e-reader with lots of books loaded on it for quick access.  

What is your preference?  Do you prefer a classic “real” book or an e-reader?


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Tuesday 1st of September 2020

Thank you for this information! "Five Benefits of Using Paper Workbooks and Textbooks in the Digital Age Classroom" You can also post your used books/textbooks in: please accept thanks

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