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Give the Bumbo a break

I'm sure if you're a parent of a baby or young child, you've heard or read about the "safety issues" with the Bumbo seat.  There are many reports of babies falling out of the seat off of tables, counters, chairs, etc even though this warning is clearly printed on the seat:
(pardon the dried on food….our Bumbo is VERY well loved and used!)
And now I'm reading that some babies have been on the floor and lunged out of the Bumbo seat and hit their heads on a hardwood floor or a toy and caused injury.  
Here's the thing. While I feel VERY sad and very sorry for those sweet babies, I don't exactly see how it's Bumbo's fault that these injuries happened.  Both of my boys have used the Bumbo and while they never got out of them, they weren't IN them for that long at a time and I never left them unattended.  Yes, I admit to putting them on high surfaces.  I distinctly remember putting Baby D in the Bumbo when he was about 4 months old, on the counter, right beside where I was preparing dinner.  All he had to do was sling that huge ol' head over and I'm sure he could've been seriously injured.  But I was always RIGHT THERE.  And if I wasn't right there, I certainly would not have blamed Bumbo had he been hurt.

Some people are suggesting Bumbo put a seatbelt in the seat like other companies.  But seriously…..if the baby WANTS to get out and expecially if they're on a high surface…they WILL get out.  The only thing that would prevent them from falling is if they're strapped down to the actual high surface.  It's the same reason you don't put a baby in a carseat, strap him in, and leave him on a high counter (or a grocery cart if they're not clicked in and SECURE.)  They.could.fall.

Baby D is one and he can pull the "child proof" outlet covers out.  If he gets shocked by goofing off in the outlets, am I going to blame or even sue the company that makes these covers?  If my son falls off his tricycle and gets hurt, am I going to sue the company?  If I forget to buckle my son in the stroller and he gets hurt, am I going to blame it on the stroller manufacturer?  If I fall and trip on a rug at the doctor's office, am I going to sue them?  The answer is clearly NO.  We are the parents, we are the responsible ones.  If we don't read and follow safety guidelines, then we are the ones who should be held responsible.  
The Bumbo is a great creation and I will continue to use it……wisely….like it was intended.
Disclaimer:  I was not paid or encouraged by Bumbo to write this post.  In fact, I've never been in communication with Bumbo, but I fully support the Bumbo seat! 
**2012 update:  The Bumbo seat has a "repair kit" that adds a seat belt attachment.  Check out the Bumbo site to request yours at no charge.**


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Thursday 22nd of December 2011

AMEN!!! Preach it sister!!!



Thursday 22nd of December 2011

What? Are you actually suggesting parents take responsibility for their children? Now why on earth would anyone do that?!


Thursday 22nd of December 2011

My daughter has gotten out but never hurt herself. I admit to using it as a bath seat but I was with her the whole time. Well We were showering so there wasn't a pool of water but it helped me have a way for her to sit when she was in a stage that she kept wanting to try but wasn't stable to stay up for long. Suing gets ridiculous. If they said it WAS intended for such & such and they got hurt that's different!


Wednesday 21st of December 2011

I agree with Tethered Mommy! When something happens, it's because the parents were unable to keep a good eye on their baby. Totally not the company's fault unless there's something wrong with the way it was manufactured.

Ashley S

Wednesday 21st of December 2011

I heard about this Bumbo noise! While I don't have one, my son does use one at his paternal grandparents and have never had an issue. People just need to not leave their babies in them for long periods of time!

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