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Hanging Baskets Add Beauty to Your Home Exterior

This hanging baskets post was written by me and brought to you by Avant Garden.  All opinions are mine.

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I have always loved hanging baskets because they add beauty and color where ever you need them, without much work!  I have a hard time with watering though…I either water too much or not enough.  I check my hanging baskets regularly and feel the soil before watering them so I’ll know if they really need water or not.  And, you actually have to dig under the top later a bit because sometimes the top dries out and the soil just under the surface is damp. 

D and I set to work on planting some new flowers and a few airplane plant cuttings in our new hanging basket.  It was very simple and fun to do!  All we did was place some potting soil in the liner, then placed the plants in and gently added soil around the plants.  After that, we just hung the basket, watered, and let it drain! 

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The stylish rust-resistant steel hanging basket and EcoLiner from CobraCo is perfect for busy moms like me.  The EcoLiner reduces watering requirements by over 50%, compared to standard coconut husk lined baskets.  The liner is biodegradable and made from 100% recycled paper, too, so I feel good about not creating so much waste just to add to the beauty of my home.  The EcoLiner is very sturdy, too, despite being made of paper.  The boys wore it as a hat and it was pretty much indesctructable for the few days we had it before the plants went in.  🙂  This liner can hold a lot! 

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Thursday 4th of July 2013

I wish we had spots to do hanging baskets. I love the way that they look.

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