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Love2Learn Elmo – Hot Christmas Gift for Little Ones! {giveaway closed}

This Love2Learn Elmo post was written in partnership with Hasbro. All opinions are my own.

Love2Learn Elmo

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If you have ever had a toddler, you know how Elmo is a great friend and toy.  We love him on Sesame Street!  He is so lovable and teaches our little ones so much!  The new Love2Learn Elmo from Hasbro is everything you think Elmo should be.  Connect him to your phone with an app and he becomes an interactive friend, saying your child’s name and responding to him or her.

Love2Learn Elmo

Playing with Elmo without the App

While an app is not required to play with Elmo, it does enhance the experience.  

Without the app, Elmo can:

  • sing a song
  • say the alphabet
  • count
  • talk about colors, animals, and shapes
  • laugh
  • play different instrument sounds


Expand Play Features with the App

With the app connected, Elmo can:

  • say your child’s name
  • talk about your child’s favorite things (that you customize)
  • spell your child’s name
  • customize level of play after an adult selects level of difficulty – Elmo reaches your child where he/she is at!


Parent Helpers

And the best part about Elmo for parents is that Elmo comes with Parent Helpers.  Parents can select phrases and songs that Elmo can say in real time, using your child’s real name!!!!  For example, Elmo can:

  • play a 2 minute toothbrushing song, encouraging your child along the way
  • say “[Name], do you need to use the potty?”
  • say “[Name], you’re going to be a big brother?!  Elmo is so excited!”
  • help build healthy habits, talk about healthy foods, sing a cleanup song, and reinforce good manners!

Lullaby Mode

There is also a super fun Lullaby Mode where Elmo will sing a lullaby to your child and then say goodnight.  A soft instrumental lullaby will play after that and also when his nose is squeezed.  Elmo will not talk in this mode after the initial song.  This mode is perfect for night time and after awhile, your child can learn to just squeeze Elmo’s nose and drift back to sleep if he or she wakes up in the night.  (YES!)

Our 2.5 year old LOOOOVED playing with Elmo!  He felt like SUCH a big boy having his own Elmo and his own APP!  And of course, the fact that Elmo says his name is like, THE best thing ever!  Even his older brothers thought that was the coolest thing!

Love2Learn Elmo


Your child can play fun games with Elmo when he is connected to the app.  Elmo will interact with the game.  Cooking with Cookie, Spot the Animals, and Flashcard Fun are both educational and provide lots of fun that is tailored for preschoolers.





Put Love2Learn Elmo on your wish list this holiday season!



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Vidya Prabhu

Friday 28th of October 2016

My 2 year old would love this

Cindy McElwee

Friday 28th of October 2016

Very creative & so up to date ~ love the parent help & my grand daughter would benefit greatly ♡ she loves Elmo but when she saw this ~ oh my ♡ Love Love Love ♡

Laurie Emerson

Thursday 27th of October 2016

I would give this to my son who loves Elmo.

Terra Heck

Thursday 27th of October 2016

I'd love to win this for my 4 yoa niece, Giana.  Thanks.


Jill Myrick

Wednesday 26th of October 2016

I would gift this to my daughter for Christmas.


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