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Summer Excitement #nablopomo

Ahhhh summertime!  Summertime is very bittersweet around here.  Sure, the boys get to run and play outside and go swimming, but I think that we actually spend LESS time outside (unless we're in the water) than in the other seasons of the year.  The reason being, it's HOT.  I think it was around 104 today and we went to a park for about 25 minutes at 8 PM and the boys had sweat dripping from their hair and their little cheeks were red.  So while the Captain waited for warmer temps so he could play in the water, now he has to wait until the super hot part of the day is over to not burn, even with sunscreen!

Summertime is also hard on us because the hubby is a youth minister.  Summertime is bustling with excitement and teens that have no school and need positive entertainment.  I'm so proud of my hubby for doing what he does because it is truly a hard job.  Just like stay at home moms don't sit around eating Oreos all day while the kids happily play and then gleefully pick up their toys, youth ministers don't sit around playing video games with teens all day and get paid for "doing nothing."  Right now the hubby is at a church camp.  Remember those 104 degree temps?  Yeah, camp…..outside most of the day, sweating buckets, being outdoors and then coming indoors to sleep in a large cabin with sweatty teen boys and a co-counselor.  But, I'm so proud of him, the teens that choose to attend church camp, and the volunteers that CHOOSE to spend a week or more there.  Wow.  

Some of you may wonder why I'm not there with the hubby and teens.  Well, I'm sure that 3 and 1 year old spazzes would not make a good learning environment for teens.  What a huge distraction that would be!  Also, I'm not about to leave my kids for a week.  Maybe someday, but not when they're this young.  I applaud those that can take off for a week, but that's just not me.  My hubby is having a hard enough time without his kids, I know I'd be a mess and a half.

So let's see…..what am I excited for this summer?  Well, I'm excited that my boys will get to spend extra time with our extended family.  I'm excited about the Fourth of July, even though I won't be with extended family then, like I'd like to be.  I'm excited that my hubby will only be gone 2 1/2 weeks this summer, as opposed to the 3 1/2 -5 or more weeks some youth ministers are gone.  I'm excited about all the fun activities that the summer has and will bring.  But honestly, summer isn't my favorite season, so I'll enjoy it while it's here, but won't cry once it's gone.  😉

What are YOU excited about this summer?  Do you have a big trip planned?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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