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Moms, Don’t Wait For Dad! Confidently Take Your Kids On A Road Trip Alone

I was given the opportunity to take this Ford Transit Connect on a road trip with all three boys this summer.  Thanks to Ford for giving me this fun ride at no cost as we explored the area of Texas where I was born and raised!

For the longest time, I was nervous about traveling alone with the kids.  With hubby being a youth minister and being gone 3-4 weeks out of the summer, however, it soon was evident that getting out with the kids was an absolute necessity.  While we love traveling with Dad, we cannot miss opportunities to make memories together.

I am from a small town in West Texas.  No, not Lubbock or El Paso, but more Central West Texas, near Abilene.  It is where I was born and raised and my parents still live to this day.  Trips home are important to me and so much fun for the boys, too.  I load up the car and we have a great time.

road trip

Get Your Car Checked

Our old van is getting on up there in the miles, so if we were traveling in that, my husband would be sure to check the tires and levels before heading out, so we could be safe.  I am lucky that we were able to travel in the new Ford Transit, because being confident and safe on road trips with kids is of the utmost importance. You want to avoid stops at all costs, especially if you are the only adult on the trip!

Create A Playlist

You don’t want to be fooling with your phone or music while you drive, so make sure to either create a playlist of songs the family loves or that you are able to play all of your songs, hands free.  I loved how easy it was to connect my phone.  And the sound was amazing, too!

Adjust Mirrors Before Leaving

This little mirror right here was my absolute favorite part of the Ford Transit Connect. It was able to swivel any direction and I could always keep my eye on all three kids at once!

Pack Plenty of Books and Games!

We visited the library before heading out, where we stocked up on the books.  Even though we have many books at home, there’s something about library books that keep them entertained longer.  We also made sure to charge all tables and electronic games for the trip. Oh and of course, don’t forget your chargers!

Point Out Landmarks

Every time we go to my parents’ house, I always point out this huge metal longhorn.  Not only is it totally awesome for a little boy, but it means that we are getting pretty close to Grammy & Grampy’s house!

Things that I passed often as a child are pretty fascinating to an eight year old who loves history!

The road home is always a sight for sore eyes!

Find The Murals

Small towns in Texas are known for having amazing murals.  We take them for granted but they really are gigantic masterpieces that may go unseen to most people!

Find The Playgrounds

Small towns also usually have playgrounds that are super old, which makes them super fun!  My boys love, love, love walking down to the same playground that I grew up on and having fun with their cousins.  Sure, you’ll have to ignore the chipped paint, but kids do still play on these playgrounds, so they’re most likely safe, otherwise.  Getting out of the cities and away from the same old playground really is awesome for a kid!

Tell Kids About Your Own History

I took the boys on a tour of where my grandparents used to live.  I made sure to bring my parents along for the ride so they could get the story straight.  It’s likely they won’t remember much, but who knows, they just might.

This plot is where I used to visit my grandmother many years ago, before she passed away and later the house burned.  It’s still full of so many memories.

Take Time To Relax

If you’re the only adult on a trip with kids, you will need to just take it easy and relax.  Don’t have an agenda.  Enjoy your time with each other and with any relatives or friends that you are visiting.  And play lots of games!!

road trip

Have you ever traveled with kids, by yourself?  Share your tips!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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