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Mom Tip: How To Take The Best Back To School Pictures!

How To Take The Best Back to School Pictures

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Every year I feel like I have things together for the first day of school, but in reality, it is always chaotic, no matter what!  I am scrambling to take that perfect “first day of school” picture and my kids just want to be done with it because we are all in a hurry and feeling a little nervous about how the first day will go.

This year, I am on top of things!  I bought the boys’ school supplies before they ran out in the stores and shopped both online and in store for the best deals on the clothes that they want to wear on the first day of school.  And then….I took the first day of school pictures before school starts!  I mean, it’s not technically the first day of school, but I did not have to rush, have random kids and parents in the background, and we had time to take the pictures that I wanted to take.  So now, on the first day of school, we can do what we need to do and I can get them to school on time.

My boys are going into the 1st and 3rd grades, and since we all suffer from back to school anxiety, stressing out over a picture just is not worth it.

Plus, if you take pictures before school actually starts, you end up with pretty cute sibling pictures like this one below.  There’s no way that little guy will even be out of his jammies when his brothers head out for their first day of school!

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To get fully prepared for all things back to school and to avoid the stress of taking three kids shopping, I sat down with one child at a time and let them pick out a pair of shoes, a few shirts, and some shorts.  This worked quite well because I already knew their sizes.  I did need to go to the store and exchange one pair of shorts for a smaller pair, but all in all, it was far less stressful this way!

Kohl’s has a great selection of shoes, backpacks, socks, shirts, shorts, and more, all online.  My kids wanted sports clothes, but Kohl’s also has a great selection of jeans, trendy and graphic tees, and top brands like Levi’s, Mudd, Stride Rite, Skechers, Adidas, and more.  Our oldest knew he wanted Nike, so navigating to the available Nike shoes was super simple.

Kohl’s makes returns super easy, so when the 6 year old’s shorts didn’t fit, I returned them, had him pick out another pair in his size, and we were in and out in no time.  We did take a peek at the selection available for when it’s time to purchase fall and winter clothes!

Their shoes fit perfectly and they absolutely loved them!  I am still laughing because my oldest wanted Nike and the middle son wanted Under Armour.  But, I’m glad that Kohl’s carries both, and more, so we can get everything we need there.


What’s on your kids’ back to school list?



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