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Celebrating Baby’s Firsts

This post about baby’s firsts has been brought to you by Pampers.  All opinions are mine.

Baby Brother is our third child, but yet, everything seems brand new all over again.  It has been amazing to me that we are still sometimes confused about what to do and how much we have forgotten since D was a newborn…just three years ago!  I’m also pleasantly surprised that all of Baby Brother’s firsts are so special.  I was worried that he would have “third child syndrome” but so far, I do believe he’s getting more love and attention than the other two did.  Probably because his brothers adore him so much!


Baby Brother is just eight days old, but he has already had a few “firsts.”  His first breath, his first dirty diaper, first outing, and more.  My favorite first of his, however, was the first time he met his older brothers and they met him, shown in the picture above.  It was the first time we were all together as a new family and it was very sweet.  The boys did not know what to expect, but they were very excited about their baby brother from the moment we told them we were expecting a new baby.  I’m sure he didn’t know what was coming either, but he has been showered with love and affection from his brothers….so far.

In the hospital, Baby Brother’s first diaper was Pampers Swaddlers.  It has been all of the boys’ first diapers and while we do cloth diaper most of the time, it is definitely comforting to know that their first diaper was Pampers.  Pampers has always been my favorite disposable diaper.  They smell amazing, are dependable, and Pampers Swaddlers are Pampers’ softest diapers ever, which is just what a newborn and mommy need.  Swaddlers are now available through size 5, which I love!  I was sad when the older boys grew out of their Swaddlers when they were babies.




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Laurie Emerson

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

I love it when my baby took her fist step all by herself.

tina reynolds

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

first smile and first time grabbing my hand

Paula Tavernie

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

This package would be for my grandson!

Linda R

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

I loved when my baby first smiled!

Lesley F

Tuesday 17th of December 2013

The first time he said mommy!

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