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Let Them Play! Unleash The Creativity and Imagination With Shopkins


shopkins bubbleisha bathing bunny bathroom

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As a child, I loved playing with dolls and little versions of just about anything made my heart happy.  I would spend hours playing and rearranging my dolls and tiny figurines.  So you can only imagine that when I learned about Shopkins, the little girl inside of my squealed with delight!  

If you have not been introduced to Shopkins, it is a world of fun and creativity!  Kids can let their imaginations run with with each adorable piece of the Shopkins collection.  There is SO much attention to detail in every single piece.  Anything and everything in the Shopkins collection has personality!

shopkins toys

I used old wallpaper samples and some of the designed cardboard from the Shopkins box to create a little two story playhouse for the Shopkins. Of course, Shopkins makes a Happy House and as your collection grows, you will want more room to store your cute pieces, but, my craft project works!  

The bathroom was full of sweet pieces like a toilet paper holder with a removable roll, toilet bathtub, scale, laundry hamper, lotion, shampoo, a curling iron, and more!  My favorite piece of the Happy Places Bathing Bunny Bathroom sets is the super tiny, super cute toothbrush holder and toothbrush!  Can you find it??

shopkins happy places bubbleisha bathtub

The star of the Bathing Bunny bathroom is Bubbleisha!  She has a movable body and clothes, too!

shopkins happy places bubbleisha bathtub

There is nothing sweeter than seeing little ones use their imagination with Shopkins.  The hair dryer was a big hit!

shopkins happy places bathing bunny hair dryer

Of course there is even more cuteness in the kitchen!  From tiny cups to cake pans and a slice of cake, there is so much fun to explore.  There is even an itty bitty tea bag for a cup of tea.
shopkins happy places kitchen tea cups

The kitchen has so many fun things, from a tiny toaster with a piece of toast, scales, strawberries, and more.

shopkins happy places kitchenKirstea is a star in the Puppy Parlor lounge room, but she was a great stand in for the kitchen alongside the Nice ‘N’ Icy Fridge, complete with cupcakes and an ice tray!
shopkins kirstea

Sweetest. Ice Cubes.  Ever.  

shopkins ice cubes

If someone you know already has a large collection of Shopkins and you are not sure what they have and do not have, give them a few Happy Places Surprise Delivery boxes!  Kids can collect different pieces for their Happy Places, and you never know what you are going to get!


What do you love about Shopkins Happy Places?


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Tuesday 20th of December 2016

Tbis is too cute! My daughter loves shopkins, and i love the diy house for them!

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