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Easy Summer Activity for Preschoolers and Toddlers: Painting with Water

Summer Activity for Preschoolers:  Painting with WaterI'm always looking for a great summer activity for preschoolers to keep the kids happy and engaged.  Kids love to get wet, especially in the 100+ degree summer heat.  When we lived with my parents for a few months in 2011, my mom suggested that the Captain paint with water.  He was 2 then and it just started a love of painting with water.  We pulled out the foam brushes for Baby Brother the other day and while the Captain and D are a bit more hyper with their painting, it's still pretty fun and provides a great summer day activity…and it's simple and cheap!

Materials Needed:

  • one or more paintbrushes, in all types and sizes!
  • cup or bowl of water

This is a great activitiy because water dries quickly and doesn't leave a mess.  This would be a fun thing to do alongside a parent who is using real paint, as long as the child knows they are to only use the water or their "special paint" to paint with!  (That could be bad if they dipped their paintbrush in the paint instead of water!)  Give your child(ren) a task of painting the door, porch, patio, toy playhouse, whatever!  This is so much fun, yet so simple.  The toddlers and preschoolers really enjoy this activity.


Summer Activity for Preschoolers:  Painting with Water

What summer activity do your toddlers and preschoolers enjoy?  Make sure to check out our DIY Splash Pad for added summer fun!

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Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

[…] This is an easy water play activity our kids do often when they visit their grandparents, as they have their own set of paintbrushes for outside to paint on the pavement. They spend ages painting pictures out of water. Source […]

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