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Have A Hilarious Family Game Night With Hedbanz™ Electronic!


Today marks 8 days with no school for the boys.  I am happy to say that despite illness and cancelled Thanksgiving plans, we have had a wonderful time, for the most part.  Hey, no one has a perfect life, right?  We have done a few things to keep us busy….we went to see a movie, went on an overnight vacation to a wildlife refuge, and the games!  We have definitely played a lot of games this week.  One family game that we love to play is the new Hedbanz™ Electronic!

This game is perfect for family game night, and is guaranteed to make the time spent with your kids hilarious and full of activity.  We have played the original Hedbanz game in the past, and found it to be SO much fun, but Hedbanz Electronic goes beyond and does all the work for you.  

hedbanzzHedbanz™ Electronic is the fast-paced, team-based electronic version of the quick-question game of "What Am I?"  Players can divide up into teams or play with partners.  One player wears the headband with a card in it, facing outwards (don't peek!)  In classic mode, the timer just counts down, but in the party mode, the game host keeps score and randomly selects how you will play: 

  1. Ask "Yes" or "No" Questions
  2. Describe It
  3. Act It Out


We all played this game as a family and while the 3 year-old was still a bit young to understand, we let him have a turn wearing the headband and trying to play.  The suggested age is 7 and up, but we found that our (almost) 6 year-old got the hang of it quickly and had a blast trying to both guess AND give hints when it was his turn.  Some of the things he did had us all rolling because it was just so hilarious.  You can have fun with this game whether you're young or old, extroverted or introverted, a good actor or not…just play and you will have a great time!


Get ready for holiday family fun and New Year's Eve parties with Hedbanz Electronic from Spin Master Games.  It makes a fun, exciting gift for the holidays, too!  Buy yours at Amazon!

hedbanz electronic


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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