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7 Essentials for Creating a Cozy Home Office Overlooking Your Garden

Combining productivity and a hobby you love into a working environment is such a good idea for actually enjoying what you are doing.  Striking a balance is vital, especially when working from home. Creating a space that helps you to focus and also maintain your well-being can help you achieve tasks more easily, enhance focus and concentration, and even lower stress levels. That’s why if you have not considered a cozy home office overlooking your garden, maybe today is the day.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

A home office that overlooks your garden can be perfect for both mind and body, and an added perk for someone who works from home, but also loves their gardening hobby. Here are some essentials to transform any space into a cozy, productive haven – from the location to the decor, and including added bonuses like ergonomic furniture to smart storage solutions.

Scout the Perfect Spot

Finding the right spot for your home office is critical. It should be a place that not only inspires productivity and focus, but also allows you to enjoy the beauty of your garden. If you can’t work IN your garden, consider setting up your office right by the window next to your garden. 


Natural light, a scenic view, and minimal noise are essential factors to consider – so, be sure to choose a room or area that is away from the hustle and bustle of the busier rooms in the house. Don’t forget that working in a serene environment can have significant beneficial effects on your performance.

Go Green Inside and Out

Incorporating greenery into your home office isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s a stride towards better mental health. Plants not only purify the air but also reduce stress and increase focus, allowing you to enjoy the proven benefits of spending time in a natural environment. These include:


  • Enhanced focus 
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Boosted creativity 
  • Better mood 
  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

So, if you absolutely cannot work near your garden, consider an indoor garden or houseplants to green up your space.

Ergonomic Furniture is Non-Negotiable

The importance of ergonomic furniture in your home office can’t be overstated. A 2021 study highlighted how sit-stand desks significantly reduce sedentary behavior, while showing how ergonomic desks can improve workers’ health and productivity. 

Ergonomic chairs and desks support your posture, reduce back pain, and enhance focus and efficiency. Making the right investment in furniture is not just about comfort but also about your long-term health and productivity.

Photo by Eli Sommer

Invest in High-Speed Internet

For those working towards life and career goals, high-speed internet is vital. Consider the journey to becoming a real estate agent – focus and the right course material are key. With high-speed internet, you can access valuable resources and get your real estate license easily, without fallback and while staying on top of your milestones and deadlines. 

High-speed internet ensures smooth video calls, quick information retrieval, and uninterrupted course sessions, making your professional development journey as efficient as possible. 

High speed internet is also essential for when you are working and you notice *the* perfect flower out your window. Of course you must go outside and take a picture and post it online, along with one of these flower captions for instagram.

Opt for Smart Storage Solutions

Clutter is truly the enemy of productivity. It is easy to see how smart storage solutions are indispensable to keep your workspace organized and your mind clear. If you are unsure how to start, opt for floating shelves, under-desk storage, or multi-purpose furniture. 

These solutions not only maximize the space but also keep essential items within reach and easy to find when you need them most. 

Maximize Natural Light

Maximizing natural light in your home office isn’t just about setting the ambiance – it’s about enhancing your well-being while working. Compared to artificial light, natural light can aid concentration and reduce fatigue, while also improving your energy levels, sleep quality, and stress management. 

Swapping out heavy curtains, keeping windows clean, and rearranging your office so the desk faces the garden, allows light to fill the room throughout the day. You don’t have a garden that you’d be proud to look at during your day at work? Don’t fret – it’s never too late with planting a blooming, thriving garden. 

Personalize Your Space With Minimalist Decor

When planning home office design, less often means more. Clutter can overwhelm the mind and impact productivity – so the shift towards minimalist decor is not just a trend but is really beneficial to your workalike. 

Opting for minimalist decor helps maintain a serene and focused workspace, while simple, thoughtful decorations that reflect your personality can inspire creativity without causing distraction. But, don’t forget to infuse this space with your personal touches that speak about you and will motivate you along your professional and personal journey.

So whether you are a gardener who works from home, or a person who works from home that would love to start a garden, see if you can implement these tips and help your work life and mental health.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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