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If you love hummingbirds and routinely attract them to your yard with hummingbird feeders, you may love putting in a hummingbird garden. Your hummingbird garden can be large or small and provide you with hours of time to observe these fascinating birds in your own backyard.

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contains affiliate links The weather is warming up and it makes me SO happy!  Even though we live in Texas, the warmer temperatures are a welcome relief, if the winter happened to be a mild one.  I love everything about Spring.  The color brought back to the outdoors, a warm, shining sun, baby animals, and …

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It’s Not Too Late, There are Many Things You Can Still Plant! The weather has finally warmed up with no chance of frost, and the sun shines gloriously every day. If you have had weather issues, or are a procrastinator, there are many plants that will still thrive even though the weather is settling into summer. …

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Contains affiliate links. Our summer garden did remarkably well, especially for being organic.  I knew, being pregnant, I didn’t want to mess with any kinds of chemicals or pesticides that weren’t natural.  Our okra is taking off in this extreme Texas heat, but everything else is definitely end-of-season quality.  It was a very satisfying experience …

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