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How To Safely Introduce Your Baby To The Water

The opinions in this post about how to safely introduce your baby to the water are all mine. contains affiliate links

Safely Introduce Your Baby To The WaterAll three of our boys LOVE the water.  We have diligently tried to teach them to both love the water and to respect it, because it can be very dangerous.  The Captain and D know they cannot be around pools, lakes, or any water without an adult present.  They are both getting better at swimming, too.  Now that Baby Brother is old enough to enjoy the water, we are mindful to teach him the same things about the power of water!  

When the weather does warm up, we will be hitting the pool more often.  The older boys wear life jackets in the pool unless we can be one-on-one with them.  Sometimes kids can get too confident in the pool, so it’s a good idea to let them get used to the water while wearing a life jacket or water safety object.  

SwimWays has been teaching children to swim for over 40 years, so we trust the information on their website to teach our kids how to swim.  For Baby’s first time in the pool, SwimWays suggests:

  • Help Baby feel more comfortable by helping him explore the water safely.
  • Stay with your child at all times.
  • Have fun and play in the water.
  • Let Baby feel water with their toes and splash it around before getting in.
  • Don’t force Baby in the pool if he doesn’t want to go.  Make experience stress free and fun.
  • Enroll in a Mommy and Me class, if available.

When your child is ready to do more in the water, visit SwimWays’ Teach Me To Swim site to learn how to go about that.


When we do get to go to the pool, we will be using SwimWays’ Baby Spring Float with Baby Brother.  It’s a perfect way to get used to the water and be safe for babies ages 9-24 months.  It’s the single best baby float on the market today.  


The seat of the Baby Spring Float is soft and covered in fabric to make it comfortable.  There is a soft mesh seat, too.  I also like the adjustable and removable canopy for added shade.  It’s very important for sensitive eyes and a toddler who hates to wear sunglasses.

The patented inner spring ensures stability, which makes Mom and Dad more comfortable with Baby in the pool.


When Baby Brother gets older and is ready for something different, SwimWays’ Swim Steps line of products is where I will look.  They have done their research and know what they’re doing!  Helping children become confident swimmers is what they do best.  Visit Amazon for the Baby Spring Float and other helpful products in the Swim Steps line!

How do you keep your children safe in the water?  Have you enrolled your kids in swimming lessons?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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