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How To Quickly Identify Plants And Trees When You Are Exploring The Outdoors

How To Quickly Identify Plants And Trees was brought to you by PlantSnap App.  All opinions are mine.

how to identify plants and trees

Having three active kids  means lots of outdoor time!  We love to ride bikes, go for walks, go camping, go geocaching, have scavenger hunts, and just go to the park and enjoy the outdoors.  Our youngest, especially, has always been interested in different plants and of course, sticks, so he is always examining these things.  When we go to a new place, I like to be proactive and know what plants are around us in case he goes searching for the perfect stick amongst a growth of poison ivy!

We also have a lot of allergies in our family.  My husband is extremely allergic to poison ivy and cottonwood, and the boys and I have issues with ragweed and mountain cedar.  While you really can’t avoid pollen in the air, it probably is best not to set up your tent right next to a huge cottonwood or cedar tree if you can help it!

So what are your choices?  You can buy a book and try to identify plants, you can search online to see if you can find a similar picture, OR you could take the easiest route and download the PlantSnap app.

What Is The PlantSnap App?

The PlantSnap app is a mobile app that helps identify plants, flowers, and trees.  All you have to do is open the app, take a picture, and PlantSnap can give suggestions as to what the plant might be.  It is advised to:

  • get close to the plant and zoom in
  • only take a picture of the flower or leaves
  • no multiple plants in the frame – isolate the plant before snapping your picture
  • avoid blurry photos or overexposed photos

After you submit the picture, PlantSnap immediately provides you with the best match or most likely results, along with information about the plant and where it is found.

We were able to identify a few trees on our property that we were not completely sure of what they were.  Also, when your favorite playground borders an overgrown, unmanaged ranch, you need to be aware of what’s growing!

The app is simple enough for kids to use after being taught how to properly take the picture.  The 3 year old has really loved identifying random plants!

It is also interesting to the older boys to see where the different plants and trees grow, and what different things like “division,” “class,” and “order” mean!

PlantSnap has 315,000 plants in the database and currently recognizes 71,000 species of plants and trees, which covers most plant species found in North America and Europe.  It is always getting better, too!  The Plant Database is on course to fully cover almost every known plant species on Earth by the end of 2017!

PlantSnap has no ads and updates automatically for you every time a new plant species is added with no additional fees required!  Get the PlantSnap app on Google Play and the App Store!

Where would you take the PlantSnap app? 

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Lesley F

Thursday 21st of September 2017

Thanks for posting. I just purchased the app and am excited to try it.

Marissa Zurfluh

Tuesday 19th of September 2017

They literally have an app for everything these days. I can see this app being used quite frequently in my home. We like to go on nature walks.

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