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Imaginary Friends

Long time no post!  Well, real post anyway.  This summer cold/allergies/sick as a dog thing that Baby D and I have been dealing with is intense.  I’m thinking it’s a cold. The boys and I went “swimming” in the kiddie pool in our backyard on Friday and that night, I was feeling the beginnings of the sickness with a sore throat.  My family came in for the weekend and the next morning, my dad was sick, too.  Baby D had a stuffy nose and couldn’t breathe through it, the poor baby.  Well, I am recovering, but Baby D is bouncing from sleeping long stretches to waking up after 27 minutes (thank you, Baby Geek) and partying between pouts.  He really is a happy baby, even when he’s sick.  His eating is suffering a bit though, but I think he can manage to miss a few ounces here and there.  :o)  (Hey, I’m his mommy!  I can say that!  I love my chubby little bubs!)
Anyway, back to the original thought of my post.  Imaginary friends.  I thought that this didn’t start until 3 or 4, but apparently it has begun in our house.  Captain Fussybuckets definitely has the beginnings of some pretty cool imaginary friends.  His friend Joba, for instance, plays the trumpet and the tuba.  I’ve never met Joba, but CF says he’s from our old town.  Hmm…
Next up is Onye’, sometimes pronounced Gonye’, but usually it’s Onye’.  Onye’ is a baby.  Sometimes CF will say to me:  “BE QUIET!  Onye’ is taking his ba-ba!” or “Onye’ is going night night!  Please stop talking!”  haha…wonder where he got that from…..
His latest imaginary friend, however, is Granny.  At first I thought he was saying “Grammy,” which is what he calls my mother.  His other grandmother’s name is Grandma.  But nope, this is Granny.  Granny was playing blocks with him tonight.  And then CF was jumping on the couch and he said he was jumping on Granny’s lap.  Strange, though, CF handed Granny to me.  So apparently Granny is quite small.
All of this is very odd, but I just have to remember that kids with great imaginations grow up to be very creative and successful.

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Monday 11th of July 2011

I love when kids have imaginary friends. So far neither one of mine has had one beyond a day or so.


Friday 8th of July 2011

My husband had two imaginary brothers...we still tease him. I think it's so sweet! Visiting and now following via Finding New Friends Hop...hop over to my blog and follow back if you like...

Jessica K


Thursday 7th of July 2011

i cant wait for imaginary friends

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