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It’s Olympics Time!

I remember watching both the Summer and Winter Olympics as a kid.  I’d get so excited and quickly learn lots about sports I didn’t even know existed.  And it wasn’t until this morning when I turned on the news channel and they were talking about the Olympics that I thought “oh!  This is great for my kids!”  In fact, Captain Fussybuckets got so excited about the gymnastics that he went and had to practice his front roll on his bed!  He also oohed and ahhed over the swimming and coverage of the opening ceremony.  I’m excited that he’s going to get to watch and enjoy the Olympics this year!  The Olympics are great family entertainment and I can’t wait to watch with my boys!

I’m so glad that the Olympics seem to bring a positive feeling to the world.  While, of course, there are negative things, like the Greek Olympian who made a racist Tweet, but it’s encouraging that she was disqualified for her remarks, showing that the Olympics have high standards and rules for their athletes!

And how encouraging is it that the news is covering the positive role models in the two Olympiads who are in their late twenties and have vowed to stay virgins until they’re married!  I think it’s fabulous that Jennifer Nichols and Lolo Jones are being vocal about their beliefs and I hope that teens and single people worldwide will be encouraged!

There are over 10,000 athletes from 204 countries competing in the Olympics this year!  Twenty-six sports will be competed in, so it’s guaranteed to be great!  I think our family favorites will be aquatics, basketball, soccer (futbol), equestrian, and gymnastics!  

Will your family be watching this year?  What is your favorite Summer Olympic sport??

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Carmen Peterson

Monday 30th of July 2012

     We did watch the opening ceremony.  There are a few cometitions that I want to watch but for the most part it is just turn the tv on and see.

Tara Funair

Sunday 29th of July 2012

We are loving the Olympics and I think that anything swimming and the gymnastics are our favorites this year. I do hope that the representatives and athletes continue to uphold the highest values during these events

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