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The Mosquitos Are Coming..Prepare Your Yard With These Mosquito Repelling Plants

Last year, the West Nile Virus was a daily topic on our local news.  The CDC reports that as of December 11, 2012, 48 states had reported cases of the West Nile disease in people, birds, or mosquitos.  A total of 5,387 cases in people were reported, including 243 deaths.  [source]  While there's truly nothing we can do to prevent the spread of West Nile 100%, there are a few things we can do to help.  Make sure you have good screens on your doors and windows, dump out any standing water, wear long sleeves and pants at dusk and dawn, and wear a safe  homemade insect repellent when going outdoors during dusk or dawn.  I'm not a fan of the trucks and planes that spray who knows what to kill  mosquitos, but we have little control over that, too.  Since now is the time for planting gardens and fixing up your yard, I was curious as to what plants might deter mosquitos from coming into our yard.  Here are a few suggestions for mosquito repelling plants!

mosquito repellent

Marigolds – great flowers that aphids and mosquitos both hate!

Lemon geraniums – rub the leaves to release the scent that repel mosquitos

Ageratum – beautiful dwarf flowers that repel mosquitos

Rosemary – An herb that can repel mosquitos and be used in your cooking

insect repellent

Catnip – Cats love to rub up against this plant, which is great for releasing the scent.

Citronella – One of the most popular ingredients in mosquito repellents.

Basil – Multi-use herb, great for the kitchen, smelly enough that mosquitos stay away.


Lemon Grass – great plant to grow in flowerbeds, landscape areas or containers to repel mosquitos.  Just rub the grass to release the scent.

I have also been seeing these Mosquito plants.  I wondered what these were, and ehow says:  "Mosquito plants are actually a scented African geranium with genetic material from Chinese citronella grass injected into it. These goal of mixing these hardy plants, available every spring at garden centers, is to repel mosquitos. As with most herbal solutions, the effect of this relative of the garden geranium is subtle."  Hmm…interesting.

Use these plants in your gardens and flowerbeds, all around the house and where pesky mosquitos might find human skin.  Adorn your patio with potted plants and rub the leaves before any gathering to keep mosquitos at bay.  

Do you have any great suggestions for naturally repelling mosquitos?

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Sunday 28th of April 2013

Thanks for the list. Here in East Central Alabama we are bombarded with the pests. I had already planted Basil, Rosemary and just purchased Marigolds. Headed to the Nursery tomorrow.



Thursday 18th of April 2013

I didn't know there were so many plants that could repel mosquitos. Off to find some for my garden.


Sunday 14th of April 2013

! this is an amazing little list! i have been scoping out flowers to plant and i had no idea that some were mosquito repellers. I am definitely keeping this handy.. hate hate mosquitos. 

@MryJhnsn from iNeedaPlaydate

Wednesday 10th of April 2013

I am so planting an herb garden this year with lots of rosemary and basil!  Thanks!

Heather S.

Tuesday 9th of April 2013

It's really sad because it's like you have to have look at for them at all times, it's a form of bondage. 


Tuesday 9th of April 2013

I know, right?  Nasty things!

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