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Raising Boys: Accidents Happen!

Accidents happen with all children and most times, there is nothing anyone could have done to prevent the accident from happening.  Covering your child in bubble wrap, knee and elbow pads, a helmet, and steel toed boots might help, but of course that’s ridiculous!  Being the mom of three boys, accidents are an every day occurrence.  Most of the time it’s just a fall or lately, Baby Brother throwing something and nailing someone in the head.  I don’t know why he thinks this is so hilarious, but he’s a toddler, and it happens.  Skinned knees, bruises, and scratches also happen more frequently than I would like with the boys, but that’s part of being a kid.  What I absolutely hate to see, though, is blood.  It breaks my heart to see my any of my boys crying and scared at the sight of blood.  Thankfully I know how to be calm, but it is scary to me and to them!  

When the Captain was two, Baby D was born.  And when Baby D was about 4 days old, he was climbing a structure at the playground and fell and bit through his lip.  There was blood everywhere, it was super scary!  He wasn’t crying, really, but he was scared.  We had never had an accident that bad before, and I made the decision to head to the ER.  His lip was cut open and it was just gross.  He was a big boy through it all, and luckily it only took a little medical glue at the ER to fix him up, but it was rough for this mommy!  He looked like he had a piece of chicken hanging out of his lip for about a week.  There’s still a scar, but it’s hiding under his lip.  It’s a good story to tell, at least.  Now most of his injuries are sports injuries, but thankfully the cut lip has been his worst injury.

accident accidentD seems to be more accident prone of the three boys, for now at least.  He had quite a few tumbles when he was learning to walk and a new toddler.  He’s had a few busted lips and seems to be the one who gets hurt more often.  Just yesterday, the Captain somehow pinched his arm between his hand and the card at Costco and you would have thought he was being beat by the way he was screaming.  I know it hurt, but the kid is very dramatic about his injuries, which for sure does not make it any easier for me and Daddy!  We feel for him and hate that he gets hurt so often.

Like I said earlier, Baby Brother is usually the cause of the tears around here.  He loves to throw, hit, and chase the older two boys!  It can be comical, but we always try hard not to laugh as not to encourage him.  Hopefully this phase will be over soon!  His biggest injuries are skinned knees and blood from scratching mosquito bites.  Baby Brother has proven to be pretty tough, and hopefully he will stay safe and avoid the injuries.

As the boys grow older and especially as they get into more serious sports, I know the accidents will happen.  It’s important for us to stress safety at all times, but also to be prepared for those accidents.  Alfac accident insurance is perfect for sports loving and accident prone kids.  Injuries covered with accident insurance that may not be covered by regular health insurance include:  broken teeth, concussions, ER visits, lacerations, intensive care confinement, and more.  When your child (or you) has a covered accident, you’ll receive cash benefits to help cover costs that insurance won’t cover.

Accidents happen….are you prepared?

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Saturday 18th of July 2015

It's the scariest thing as a parent - oh, I wish accidents didn't happen (and I don't like the sight of blood) LOL!



Monday 20th of July 2015

Isn't it, though?  Blood is the worst!

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