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What I Love About My Hubby

The Hubby and I have been married almost 8 years, and have known each other for about 12.  Looking back, time has just flown.  We are definitely two very different people than when we met so long ago, but we have grown together and not only do I love him more, I actually like the guy more today, too!  Here are ten simple things I love about my hubby, although the list could go on forever!  I'm sure he'll be embarassed by this list, but hey, that's okay!  

1.  He loves God.  It's amazing how everything else falls into place after this one.  I'm so proud of his spiritual discipline.

2.  He is an amazing father.  Building rocket ships, forts, baseball fields, making dirt cakes, concerts, and plays for the boys is what he does, and he does it with love and passion for their ideas.

3.  He takes care of me.  I'm not the easiest person to live with or to take care of, but he does it.  He knows what I need (and knows I get cranky if I get too hungry!) and always takes care of me and my needs.

4.  He puts his family second (after only God.)  He always keeps us in mind when making plans and if we need him, he's there.

5.  He admits his mistakes and aims to changes them.  Granted, they're few and far between, but he takes constructive criticism well and doesn't throw a fit (like maybe I tend to do.)

6.  He makes sacrifices for those he loves, or anyone who needs him.  There have been many Mavs games he's missed out on because his family needs him more!  And many times when he's helped those in need, even if he was late to something.

7.  He always eats what I cook.  This is huge because what I make isn't always delicious!

8.  He takes care of the yard, the cars, and setting up maintence for the house….all the things I hate to do!

9.  He supports me in my endeavors.  When I wanted to start a blog, he supported me 100%, even though it took up some of my time.  When I wanted to start a garden, he was the first one out there to help me.  He never acts like my ideas are stupid.

10.  He loves me and our children and constantly shows us his love.  He's the best!


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Friday 5th of April 2013

I get uber cranky when I haven't eaten. LOL these poor guys! It sounds like you have a great guy on your team :)


Thursday 4th of April 2013

My favorite is #7! It reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond...the wife made an awful chicken dish, Ray said he loved it...and she made it for YEARS before he finally said something. Poor guy!


Thursday 4th of April 2013

Looks like you've got a keeper! Love this post. I am inspired to write one too. 

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