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Why Should You Have Your Glove Steamed?

Why Should You Have Your Glove Steamed? 

Mizuno Glove Steaming

This post has been brought to you by Mizuno. All opinions are mine.

The Captain played modified t-ball last year and really got into it!  He loves batting practice and also playing catch with us.  He had a hand-me-down glove last year, but we found that it was a little small for his hand.  Luckily, a teammate let him borrow his Mizuno glove and it made a big difference.  His confidence grew when he could actually catch a ball with ease.  The proper sports equipment makes it more fun to play!

glove-steaming-1We were able to visit our local Dick’s Sporting Goods and check out their awesome choice of Mizuno gloves.  The Captain, of course, picked out a red one for 7 and 8 year olds, and it fit great!  I did notice that it was a bit stiff, however.  


The Captain was thrilled when we saw the sign for a free glove steaming RIGHT when we walked into Dick’s Sporting Goods.

We saw the sign for a free glove steaming when we walked into the store, but honestly, I had no idea why one would even need to have their glove steamed, but after we went through the process, it became very obvious!  

Reasons You Should Have Your Glove Steamed:

  1. softens leather quickly, making your glove game ready in minutes
  2. forms to your hand giving a customized fit, comfort, and feel
  3. deeply conditions leather for lasting durability by using Mizuno Magical Soft Conditioner

When we checked out, we asked about the free glove steaming.  The employee called the glove pro and we met him at the Glove Steamer after checking out.


It was actually pretty cool because he first hit the glove and then sprayed it, then popped it in the glove steamer.  That was it…..a pretty quick process to make the glove game ready!


Check out the many Mizuno baseball and softball gloves available and visit Dick’s Sporting Goods this week to pick out your Mizuno glove and get a glove steaming!



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Henry Johnson

Wednesday 13th of July 2016

Yes, i agree with you mizuno baseball glove is one of the best gloves on the market. In fact, mizuno is our first choice.

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