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10 Ways to Brighten Your Home This Winter

10 ways to brighten your home in winter

It is that dreaded time of year when the days are so incredibly short and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) begins to creep up on many of us who crave the sunlight. I work from home, but even my living room with two windows, two skylights, and a ceiling light just are not cutting it today. The weather is gloomy and cold and I am tempted to return to bed, but there is work that needs to be done. We cannot go into hibernation, (although some days we probably would benefit!) Here are ten ways to brighten your home this winter and add some light and cheeriness to your home!

brighten your home during winter


Clean Your Windows

We moved into our home three years ago and I cannot recall if the windows have even been cleaned once. I know, it’s bad and embarrassing, but it happens. You will be amazed at how much more light can creep in when the windows are clean and grime free. Grab some good smelling, effective window cleaner and make an afternoon of it or hire someone to get it done so you can relax.

brighten your home during winter

Remove Screens

We tend to not even think about screens until they cause issues, but unless we are opening the windows and don’t want to get the bugs inside, are they really helping? Remove the screens on your house and store them for summer and enjoy the beautiful outdoors through your clean windows!

Swap Light Bulbs

Forget fluorescent bulbs that we deal with all day long at work, the store, or at the doctor’s office. Swap your bulbs with natural daylight bulbs and feel happier doing so!

Swap Dark Curtains for Light Colors

Dark colors in a home can instantly make things dreary. If you have curtains, consider removing them or swapping them out with white or light curtains for the winter. Close them at night to keep the heat in!

Consider a Brighter Wall Color

I know, few people get excited about having to paint, but if your winter room feels dark and dreary and is painted a darker color, imagine what a fresh coat of lighter colored paint could do for the space!

Install Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and can add depth to any space. A large mirror is always a win.

brighten your home

Install Skylights

This one is trickier and more expensive, but if you truly love natural light, a skylight or two can add so much beautiful light to your home. We have two and have really enjoyed them!  They’re great for stargazing and cloud gazing from the home, too!

Hang String Lights 

String lights are not only great for Christmas decor, but they’re gorgeous and create a soft, romantic environment at night, too. And the kids will think it’s cool and possibly be able to wind down better with soft string lights over bright LED lights you use in the daytime!

Light a Fire

If you have a fireplace, utilize it! Not only does it provide warmth, but the soft light is perfect for nighttime. If you have never used it, make sure to get it serviced and find out how to properly use it for your safety.

Buy a Wake Up Light

Bring sunrise to you to help you wake up on those super dark mornings with a wake up light. Your body and brain will feel better waking up to the “sun” rather than a noisy alarm clock!

What do you do to brighten your home during the winter months?

Add Grow Lights for your Plants

If you’re a houseplant lover like me, don’t forget about your plants! They might need extra light during the winter like these grow lights. And the extra light will definitely be a mood booster for humans, too!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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