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All About the New Bentkey Streaming Service for Kids!

In today’s digital age, it’s not surprising to see children captivated by screens, but what if those screens could offer a world of fun, creativity, and education all in one place? Enter Bentkey, the innovative video service designed with kids in mind. Bentkey is an exciting and enriching platform that is changing the way children engage with online content.

Bentkey streaming service for kids

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What is Bentkey?

Bentkey is a kids entertainment streaming service that includes original and licensed content and new characters that families will love. No more wondering if what your kids are watching is safe and age appropriate, parents can trust Bentkey. Bentkey is dedicated to creating the next generation of timeless stories that transport kids into a world of adventure, imagination, and joy. The new app is available now with over 150 episodes of 16 shows — including four Bentkey originals.
Bentkey is not just another video streaming service; it’s a carefully curated platform that combines the best of both worlds – entertainment and education. For parents and caregivers concerned about screen time, Bentkey offers a safe and enjoyable space for children to explore a wide range of content designed to stimulate their minds and encourage creativity.
  1. Educational Content: Bentkey places a strong emphasis on educational content. Children can discover a multitude of videos covering topics such as science, history, art, and more. The platform cleverly disguises learning as entertainment, making it an ideal supplement to traditional education.
  2. Age-Appropriate Selection: One of the most important aspects of Bentkey is its focus on age-appropriate content. The platform provides a seamless experience for children of different age groups, ensuring that what they watch aligns with their developmental stages and interests.
  3. Original Programming: Bentkey is home to a range of original programming created exclusively for the platform. These shows and videos are not only entertaining but also thoughtfully designed to engage young minds and encourage their curiosity.
  4. Parental Controls: Bentkey offers robust parental controls, allowing parents to manage and monitor their children’s screen time and content choices. This feature provides peace of mind for parents concerned about their children’s online activities.

What are some popular shows on Bentkey?

Over the last year, Bentkey has produced four original series called Bentkey Adventures. New episodes will arrive every Saturday morning, and new series will be added on an ongoing basis.

Bentkey’s dedicated team curates content from around the world that they would trust their kids with. They watch every minute of every show to ensure they are great for kids while never insulting your values.

How can I watch Bentkey?

Download the app to watch free episodes and get to know the characters. To access the full library, become a Bentkey subscriber and unlock:

  • Exclusive new Bentkey Adventures
  • Hundreds, and soon to be thousands, of hand-curated episodes for kids and family viewing
  • New episodes every Saturday
  • Access across multiple devices so you can watch your favorites on mobile, tablets, and TV apps
  • Entirely ad-free platform

“A Wonderful Day with Mabel Maclay”

“A Wonderful Day With Mabel Maclay” is a wholesome children’s show that celebrates creativity and inspires viewers to think, feel, connect, and create. Mabel and her dog, Jasper, make neat gadgets, complete fun projects, visit with interesting friends, sing sweet songs, and read charming books. With imaginative details everywhere you look, the show encourages kids in this increasingly loud, busy, fast-paced world to slow down and take the time to wonder. 

“Chip Chilla”

“Chip Chilla” invites viewers to join the adventures of a close-knit family of homeschooled chinchillas: Chum Chum (Rob Schneider), Chinny (Laura Osnes), Charla, Chip, Chubbly, and their pet, Bug. In each episode, Mom and Dad create a world of wonder and excitement where the kids get to discover everything from world history to classic books and, most importantly, how to care for others. At its heart, “Chip Chilla” is a celebration of a family that deeply loves each other and has a blast while learning lessons that will last a lifetime. CAST: Josiah Hidalgo as ‘Chip,’ Lucy Capri as ‘Charla, ’Deacon Branscum as ‘Chubbly,’ Laura Osnes as ‘Chinny’ and Rob Schneider as ‘Chum Chum.’
Bentkey is more than just a video service for children; it’s a gateway to a world of imagination, exploration, and learning. By combining entertainment and education in a safe and age-appropriate environment, Bentkey is changing the way children interact with digital content. In a world where the internet can be overwhelming and sometimes even unsafe for kids, Bentkey stands out as a beacon of quality and creativity. It’s a platform where children can play, learn, and grow, all while having a blast. If you’re a parent or caregiver, it’s a service worth exploring to provide your child with a well-rounded, enriching online experience.
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