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Family Game Night Fun! #dipdiphooray #cbias

I’ve always loved the idea of Family Game Night, but was waiting for the boys to be old enough to actually be able to play a game.  We play “Family Game Night” on the Wii, but the Captain’s attention span isn’t that long (as it should be!) and of course, Baby D is just happy to be holding the Wii remote.  But, now that the Captain is almost four, I decided to venture out and try Family Game Night for the first time.

We headed out to Walmart and went to the game aisle to select our Hasbro game.  It was a tough choice between Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, but after reading the boxes and remember my fond memories of Chutes and Ladders as a child, (and also the fear that Candy Land would make my candy loving boys want candy…haha!), we went with Chutes and Ladders.  I was really shocked that it was only $7.77, too!  For that price, I could pick up a few games and be ready for Family Game Night all year long!

family game night

Next we went to pick out some quick, easy dinner items.  We’ve had OreIda french fries in the past and know they’re delicious, so we picked up a bag of OreIda Golden Fries.  Then, we went to check out what different things they had in the Tyson chicken section.  They had quite a few choices, but once the boys saw the dinosaur shaped nuggets, it was all over.  So, we grabbed a bag and went to get the other necessity:  Heinz ketchup.  Name brands aren’t extremely important to us, but Heinz is one that is.  There’s just no other ketchup like Heinz and we go through a bottle at least once a month!  And, I’m so happy that they have a Simply Heinz version with no high fructose corn syrup!  

After we had gotten all the necessities for our Family Game Night (and made a quick trip to see the fish, of course,) we checked out and went home.  

Well, if you know Captain Fussybuckets, you know he’s not big on waiting.  So, Family Game Night Turned into Family Game Day, which was fine by me!  I honestly couldn’t wait to play Chutes and Ladders again!  I put some Tyson dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and OreIda golden fries in the oven and sat down to play with the boys.  The Captain caught on quick and although he was itching to slide down a chute, he finally got the hang of it and won the game!

3 year old

Baby D really loved the stand up kids.  The box says the game if for kids 3 and up and really, it’s true.  Baby D had no concept of what was going on, so I gave him the extra two players and he spent the time knocking them over.  


The nuggets and fries were done just as we were finishing up, so Daddy prepared the first plate for the Captain.  He’s really big into dinosaurs and volcanoes now, so Daddy made the dinosaurs stand up and even made two “fight” in hot lava!  The Captain thought that was super cool.


We all really enjoyed our Family Game Day with Chutes & Ladders from Hasbro, and Family Meal with Tyson nuggets, OreIda fries, and Heinz ketchup!  It was fun, easy, and delicious!  AND there was enough leftover to have another Family Game Night soon….possibly with our Family Game Night Wii game!

family game night

The Captain is a big Heinz ketchup fan, too, but for some reason, he only eats nuggets with Ranch.  Here he is eating his dino nuggets, doing his big mean dino growl!



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Nicole (SAHM Reviews)

Friday 5th of October 2012

That's something I never "got" about Chutes & Ladders. Seriously, what kids DOESN'T want to go down that awesome huge slide from the top of the page to the bottom? It's awesome. Except doing it means that you have to start over! LOL


Friday 5th of October 2012

haha! This is true!


Sunday 16th of September 2012

Your family is so adorable...and Captain and my boy would have so much fun together!! Family Game night is such a great way to have fun and learn as a family. I hope Captain doesn't cheat like my boy. :-)

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