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Home Beverage Fridge – Why Every Family Needs One!

Have you ever considered if your family needs a home beverage fridge? There have been many days when I wanted to chill a bottle of water or juice and there was simply NOT any room in my refrigerator. Do you ever have that problem? Some days I wish for another fridge all together! 

beverage fridge

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Our family loves drinks. We do not keep a lot of soda, but we for sure keep juice, sparkling water, and sparkling juice! All of this hydration is good, but the fact that we ALL have our different favorites is problematic for our family.  And when we have guests, well, there just simply is not any more room!

Get some ideas for family friendly holiday beverages!


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home beverage fridge

When we have soccer games or practices the next day, I can easily chill some reusable water bottles that will be nice and cold when we need them. I like that this beverage fridge can hold 90 cans and the racks can be removed and customized for any size beverages that you may need to chill.

Another fun feature of this beverage fridge: it has a lock and key! So, if your kids try to sneak drinks, lock it up! If you choose to store adult beverages in it, lock it up! Simple and easy and SAFE!  I love this feature!

This has been a great addition to our kitchen and has freed up a lot of space in the big fridge! It can be used in a residential or commercial setting. The compact design holds 90 cans and the freestanding design requires no special installation. There is also a light that can be left on and a set-and-forget-it thermostat.

home beverage fridge newair

What would you keep in your home beverage fridge??

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