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How to Regrow your Vegetables – An Easy Guide Book!

I love gardening. This year, since we moved, I do not have a big garden like I used to and I miss it. We have the space, but I’m not willing to dedicate a whole day to tilling up the land, but maybe sometime I will!  We do have a little flowerbed in the back that I have planted peppers, onions, cabbage, and carrots in. Everything is coming up nicely! I have been intrigued by the fact that you can regrow your vegetables, and we recently were gifted the “Regrow Your Veggies” book, so I decided to give it a try with my new obsession – pineapples!

We go through pineapples like crazy around here. We can easy eat 2 fresh pineapples a week, either plain, in a smoothie, grilled, or my recent obsession: air fryer pineapple. You need to try that recipe!!

The book says that you can easily regrow your pineapple. It does take a few years to actually regrow another pineapple. (And for the record, I do realize that pineapple isn’t a veggie, but a fruit, but well, it’s still really cool!) We worked on this and just called it our daily science lesson.

regrow pineapple

Take the leaves off the very bottom and soak it in some water and in a few days, you will see roots growing. Then, just plant it in a pot with soil and you’ll have a super cool houseplant that should grow a pineapple in a few years! As much as we spend on houseplants, the fact that this one is basically free should make every plant lover’s spouse, like mine, super happy!

Regrow Your Veggies” has information on how to regrow potatoes, sweet potatoes, ginger, herbs, and much more. It is well written and easy to read, for kids and adults. It makes a great family project!

I particularly like how it has information on care of the plants and how to take care of pests, like fruit flies, and issues like rot, mildew, etc. It even has recommended times to grow these plants and suggestions for light, climate, etc.

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regrow your veggies book - how to regrow your vegetables

Pick up this book on Amazon for your next project!!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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