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Magic Bumpers – A Co-Sleeper’s Dream!

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co-sleeping with infant and magic bumpers

While I have only ever co-slept an entire night while traveling or when the boys were sick, our kids have spent a lot of time in our bed.  With the Captain, we used a metal fold down bed rail on our bed when he was really tiny, for those mornings when he would come to our bed just so I could get some sleep.  That was such a hassle, but I really worried about falling asleep and him falling off of the bed.  When I heard about Magic Bumpers, I knew that these would be way better than anything we had ever tried, so I was excited to use them!  We were sent two 24″ Magic Bumpers:


They arrived JUST in time for a trip to Grammy and Grampy’s!  Travelling with kids has always been a little stressful for me.  Do you know those kids who will go to sleep ANYWHERE and then sleep through the night as if they’re in their own bed?  My kids have NEVER been like that.  EVER.  In fact, I think it’s very fair to say that I avoid going places that we have to stay overnight with the boys because they do not adapt well to change.  But, Daddy was gone for a week to church camp and we wanted to visit our family, so I was willing to put up with the lack of sleep.  Baby D doesn’t sleep well in the Pack N Play anymore, so I was prepared to share a queen sized bed with him…..but then the Magic Bumpers came in the mail and changed our whole week!  When we got to my parents’ house, I installed them under the sheets.

Magic Bumpers

Magic Bumpers are PERFECT for the co-sleeping family or if siblings have to share a bed.  Maybe you have slept in the same bed with a cuddler…or just a kid that inches himself over to you through the night and by 5 AM, you’re sleeping on your side, about to fall off the edge of the bed.  Well, the Magic Bumpers kept Baby D safe on his side of the bed, OFF of me, and he felt secure enough to sleep all night long, every night we were there!  

Magic Bumpers

I was well rested and didn’t have to worry about him falling off of the bed if I couldn’t stay in bed with him while he napped or slept at night.  The Magic Bumpers were such a great travel item!  They’re made of foam, so they’re super light and easy to transport.  And since there is no “hardware,” you just slip them under the sheet, they’re so easy to install, too!  Just place them where ever you like, the options are endless!


Magic Bumpers are very versatile.  They can be used from infancy to kids who weigh 100 lbs.  They can be used for co-sleeping, a guard rail, and a bed divider, like we did!  Magic Bumpers aren’t recommended for crawling infants, as they are fairly easy to crawl over.  If Baby D were awake, he could easily crawl over the Magic Bumpers, but (wouldn’t you know it?), Captain Fussybuckets’ twin sized bed was pushed right up next to mine, so I wasn’t concerned with Baby D crawling off of the bed.  (You do have to be careful not to use Magic Bumpers if your child can crawl and not yet climb off of the bed.)

Bumpers are sold in 2s, 3s, and 4s, and they even sell a bag to carry them all. 










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Tony m.

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

My girlfriend and I sleep in a queen size bed. She has sleep apnea but refuses to use her stupid cpap. She is twice my size and rolls to the middle of the bed. She snores like a lumber jack. She moves around so much while she sleeps. I cannot be touched when I sleep, or it will wake me up. I don't move when I sleep, I sleep on my back or side in one position for the entirety of the night... That is unless she does that thing where she rolls to the middle of the bed and THEN she EXTENDS HER ARM to full length where it pokes me in my shoulder or back or it rests on me till I wake up. Mind you, this whole time she's stopping breathing and then going into DEEP SNORING INTERVALS all while simultaneously moving the fully extended arm and hand against my non-moving, pleasantly-slumbering body. I'm literally typing this from the couch where I've just had to move to. I BOUGHT THE BED I CAN'T SLEEP IN... Now, the bed divider looks like it might work for this problem I'm having BUT it's made of foam it looks like, so I'm worried her arm will just go to rest on top and crush the foam barrier under the weight of her arm. The question is... Will this thing work for my very, very ANNOYING problem? It's either I find something, or I'm gonna leave her because it's driving me absolutely IIIINNNNSSSAAANNNNEEEEEE.........


Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Sounds like you may need another bed. That would drive me insane, too. ha! The bumper is made of foam, so it's not going to solve this problem, I don't think. Hope you find something that works.

Kristin Sawatzke

Thursday 19th of July 2012

I would use it for my sons bed!

Tina Scully

Thursday 19th of July 2012

I babysit my grandson who is 6 months old so I really need him to not fall off the bed during nap time.


Thursday 19th of July 2012

I'd use it for my twins in their big bed.

Sarah Y

Thursday 19th of July 2012

I love the safety it will provide my little princess!

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