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Off to Daycare!

Today was Captain Fussybuckets’ first time at daycare.  He spent about three hours there are had a good time.  You may be wondering why I, a stay at home mom of two with a degree in early childhood – elementary education needs to send my son to daycare.  Well, for a couple of reasons…one, he rarely sees other kids his age.  The closest are his little brother and some four-year-olds at church.  He loves his church friends and they are good for him, but that’s not enough.  We wanted him to be able to socialize with other kids his age and be able to run and play with them outside and do fun crafts and whatever else.  He’ll go twice a week for three hours in the morning.  That will also allow me to spend some quality one on one time with Baby D, run errands (assuming Baby D isn’t napping,) get some stuff done around the house without having to entertain a three year old nonstop, take a shower in peace and quiet (while Baby D naps,) and get some work done on the blog.  I think this will be good for him.  He’s in a place with teachers we know and trust.  He’s right down the road and well, every three year old needs a little time away from Mommy, no?  I mean, really, I’m with the kid 19 hours a day.  (That’s two hours when he’s taking a nap and the three-ish hours a night before he comes to sleep on our floor.  hahaha!)
So yeah, I never wanted to do this and had you asked me even a few months ago if he was going to go to daycare or any preschool program, I would’ve said no.  But for us at this moment, it’s a good thing for everyone involved.
Yay daycare!
all smiles after his first day at daycare!

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Thursday 17th of November 2011

Fun, new adventures indeed. Its going to be great for B and even better for you and D to spend some time together alone. :) Good job, mama!

Michelle Murray

Saturday 12th of November 2011

YAY! Congratulations B! (And Mommy!) I think pre-school two mornings a week was THE best thing we've done for our kids, outside of our home. It helped prepare Matt for kindergarten in a way I could not have done...even with a teaching degree. I look forward to hearing stories of his fun, new adventures!

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