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Making Time For Yourself – Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planters

Making Time For Yourself – Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planters


Making Time For Yourself – Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planters

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Ever since I was little, I knew that I wanted to become a mom. I felt really prepared to have a baby, and I was, for the most part. What I was not ready for was just how to take care of a baby, and then eventually three kids PLUS myself. Let’s be honest, some days, especially in the early years, it is a struggle to get the basic needs met! Over the years I have realized that in order to take care of my family, I need to take care of myself first. This is not always easy, but there are ways to make this easier. A few quick suggestions from me include: always have water handy to easily hydrate, set bedtimes so everyone is getting enough sleep (hopefully!), use curbside pickup, and always have the essentials stocked up.

Everyday routines are fabulous for making sure Mom is taken care of. If you are a checklist kind of girl, make yourself a checklist. If you need to put things like “take a shower” and “use mouthwash,” so be it! At the end of the day, after all of these things are checked off of your list, you know that you did the very best you could to take care of the woman in charge of the house! I added LISTERINE® Gum Therapy Antiseptic Mouthwash to my Walmart Curbside Pickup order the other day. If I am being honest, I use this app as a running grocery list and am constantly picking up orders from Walmart. It’s a lifesaver for a busy mom! 

LISTERINE® Gum Therapy Antiseptic Mouthwash helps reverse signs of early gum disease. It is formulated with anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis essential oils. I recently had my second cavity (the first one was at 19) and that was a big reminder to take care of my teeth and gums. We parents spend a lot of time convincing our kids to take care of their teeth and gums, but sometimes we need that reminder!

This ADA accepted mouthwash promotes gum health and freshens breath. It cleans BELOW the gumline where brushing does not reach. LISTERINE® Gum Therapy Antiseptic Mouthwash can lead to 4 times healthier gums in just 3 weeks (versus brushing alone.) It’s a simple way to take care of your mouth.

Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planters

Another thing that I have found that I enjoy and helps me to relax and take care of myself is PLANTS. Give me all the plants! I am trying to be frugal, so I have taken some overgrown succulents and cut them down and replanted them. I used some different sized glass jars that I have accumulated to make some super cute painted mason jar succulent planters. 

glass jars

After washing the jars, I took them outside and put them on some paper to protect the ground, and used gray chalk spray paint. I used about three coats of chalk spray paint to get the look I was aiming for, and then once dry, I finished them with a clear spray. 

They turned out so pretty!

mason jar succulent planters

These were all succulents that had grown out of control, so I just trimmed them, added some rocks to the bottom of the painted jars, added some potting soil, and gently placed the succulent cutting inside. 

mason jar succulent planters

Now that I have shared how I take care of myself, specifically my mouth and gums with daily LISTERINE® Gum Therapy Antiseptic Mouthwash and my mental health and happiness by making new homes for new plants, I want to know….

How do you make sure you take care of yourself these days?

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Monday 23rd of November 2020

Very pretty planters! We use Listerine too, BTW!

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