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The Perfect Spring Picnic Is Made Special With Collin Street Bakery

The Perfect Spring Picnic Is Made Special With Collin Street Bakery

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Late Spring is the perfect time for a picnic.  The weather is usually perfect for a picnic by the lake, at the park, or even in your own backyard.  We like to have picnics in our backyard, just as a fun way to take family mealtime outdoors.  It provides a fun change of scenery and helps us, as parents, loosen up a bit and enjoy our family and not the spills and messes.

Control the bugs

Nothing spoils a fun family picnic like bugs.  Make sure to pack bug repelling sprays, candles, or bug zappers.  If you’re planning a summer of picnics in your backyard, consider planting these mosquito repelling plants.

Bring Along a Picnic Quilt

Consider making this portable Picnic Quilt by Cutesy Crafts to reuse all year long, for many years to come!

picnic quilt

Make It Simple

You do not have to plan an elaborate picnic menu for people to be happy with the food choices.  Luckily, once you’re outside, everything seems to taste better anyway.  Go for simple….like this Easy Guacamole recipe with some chips, Summer Kale Salad, Southwestern Bacon and Cheese Pasta, and pack them in reusable dishes or try this great idea:  Mason Jar Salad Container.

mason jar salad

Don’t forget the dessert!  

Just because you are having a picnic does NOT mean that you have to skimp on the dessert or just be stuck with packaged snacks from your child’s lunchbox stash….and it certainly does not mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen.  Make your picnic special with a delicious dessert like the Strawberry Pecan Cake from Collin Street Bakery.

strawberry pecan cake

Collin Street has been making delicious baked goods since 1896 in this great state of Texas.  The Strawberry Pecan Cake is out of this world delicious, and they have so many Texas Pecan cakes to choose from if you happen to not be a strawberry fan.  

Strawberry Pecan Cake Picnic 2

We took a mini family vacation to East Texas last weekend and were THRILLED to pass not one, but TWO Collin Street Bakery stores.  BUT, if you are not lucky enough to live close to one of their five locations, you are in luck because they are not only pros at baking, but they are pros at shipping their delicious baked goods, too!  Cheesecakes, Apple Cinnamon Pecan Cake, icebox cookies, pies, fruitcakes, and more can all be ordered on the Collin Street Bakery website and be at your doorstop just in time for your picnic, potluck, or summer family reunion.  (Check out their gifts and “more” section, too, where you can buy unique items as well as fresh Texas pecans for your own summer baking!)

What makes your spring picnic special?

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Sunday 5th of June 2016

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