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Quick Microwave Chocolate Candy

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Quick Microwave Chocolate CandyChocolate and pecans seem to have such a lucious combination of textures and flavors.  To me, there is no better pair than those two!  Peanuts are an okay substitute, but being from Texas, pecans are my “nut of choice,” especially when paired with chocolate!  Chocolate sheet cake with pecans, chocolate pecan pie, chocolate chip cookies with pecans, and Turtles candy, to name a few!  

Somehow, my oldest has a pecan allergy.  Sigh.  He’s pretty good about it, as long as he has a dessert alternative if a pecan pie is placed in front of him, for instance.  He’s learned to check the regular suspects – fudge and brownies, to see if they have pecans (or walnuts, which he is also allergic to.)  It’s SUCH a downer when we are at potluck at church and the only chocolate dessert has tree nuts in them.  He definitely has his mommy’s love of chocolate and sweets!  

The challenge for me is satisfying my craving for pecans and chocolate in a quick and easy way, and preferably in a way that can be catered to his allergies, in case he wants a bite.  I created this easy recipe a few months ago and it is so easily adapted.  Just think of whatever you want to see in a candy bar and it’s done.  If the Captain wants some chocolate candy, he can add fruit or peanuts.  If Daddy wants candy, he can add his favorite – cashews.  

So here’s what you need and how to make this deliciously easy snack!

Materials needed:

  • silicon molds
  • microwave
  • fork


Quick Microwave Chocolate Candy

Quick Microwave Chocolate Candy

Make a quick, sweet treat with this quick microwave chocolate candy recipe!


  • chocolate chips (semi-sweet, milk, dark, white, etc)
  • nuts (pecans, cashews, peanuts….pick your favorite – optional, of course)
  • other optional add-ins: dried fruit, fresh fruit, coconut flakes, caramel, etc


  1. Place chocolate chips, as many as you'd like, in the silicon mold. Spread them out evenly.
  2. Microwave chocolate chips, stirring/flattening out every 20 seconds, until fully melted.
  3. Add ingredients of choice, pressing down into chocolate with a fork.
  4. Refrigerate for about 20-30 minutes to harden.
  5. Take out of the mold and enjoy!

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Saturday 5th of November 2016

Thanks for this recipe.  I always thought these molds were stupid--no practicality.  I see I was wrong.  I cook everything in my microwave.  I too love dark chocolate and pecans and black walnuts.  So now I can buy 1 or 2 of these molds, and I will have some yummy candy too.  Enjoy Life is great for people like me--allergic to 11 foods that I know of.  Thank you for the recipe and EL for their chocolate.


Monday 7th of November 2016

Yes, I thought they were useless, too!  And I, too, am thankful for Enjoy Life!

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