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Throw a #StickAPic Photo Party for Teens!

Throwing a StickAPic Photo Party for Teens

As an HP Smart Mom Panel member, I received products at no cost in order to host the HP #StickAPic party. The opinions expressed here are my own.  contains affiliate links, check my disclosure for more information

Throwing a Photo Party for Teens

Hubby is a youth minister and has events for the youth group often.  Yesterday, he threw a big area wide event for our youth group and five other churches.  Over 80 teens and pre-teens joined together to eat, worship, and have fun together!  Events like this are always a huge undertaking, but so much fun and well worth it.  I received a great StickAPic party supply box around the time he was planning the event, so we planned a fun photo party for the teens!  In the party box was HP ink, HP social media snapshots sticky photo paper, glue, decorations, plates, napkins, snacks, craft supplies and embellishments, and a Michael’s gift card for purchasing extra craft supplies.

At first, I was not sure that the teens would be up for this idea, but it turned out great and they LOVED it!  I mean really, what teen doesn’t love taking pictures?  The theme of the night was “Not Alone,” about how even when we aren’t with anyone, God is with us.  So the instructions were simple…find a friend or more and I’ll take your picture for you.  (No selfies!)  We got a few props, which some used and some didn’t:

Throwing a StickAPic Photo Party for Teens

A friend made a vibrant backdrop out of PVC pipe, colored tablecloths, and decorations:

Throwing a StickAPic Photo Party for Teens

We set out cardstock, sticky rhinestones, markers, foam stickers, and other decorations to make their picture frames:

Throwing a StickAPic Photo Party for Teens

Our photo printing station, with the HP Envy printer, HP social media snapshots (available at Staples,) and extra ink:

Throwing a StickAPic Photo Party for TeensWe took one picture of every group and opened them in the HP Social Media Snapshots app.  From there, you can add text and create different layouts.  We chose using the #notalone hashtag and date, to keep it simple, because they would be creating picture frames to put their snapshots on!

stickapic photo partyAfter the pictures had been printed, the teens got to work on their frames.  They loved this idea!  They were very creative making their frames.  It was SO easy to just peel the back off of their HP snapshots and apply it to the paper.  The 4×5 inch, sticky-backed photo paper was the perfect touch to this special party!

Throwing a StickAPic Photo Party for TeensThrowing a StickAPic Photo Party for TeensAfter the crafts, of course there was food!  We had homemade chili, cornbread, lemonade, and….stickapic7Blue Bell ice cream!!!

Throwing a StickAPic Photo Party for Teens

The HP Envy, HP social media snapshots, and app all made it SO easy.  Take the picture, upload it to the app, print it, and create!  You can also use pictures from social media…of course!  The app makes it super easy!

Throwing a StickAPic Party for Teens

Having a daddy that’s a youth minister is great because then you sometimes get to do what the “big kids” are doing!  The boys adored this craft, too, which gives me great ideas to use these snapshots in other ways with them!

stickapic photo frames craft for kids

Supplies Needed:


  1. Find a sunny or well lit spot and a nice background (or create your own backdrop!) and snap a few pictures with some fun props.
  2. Upload picture to the HP Social Media Snapshots app.
  3. Add text and make your creation.
  4. Print!
  5. Design your picture frame on colored card stock using your choice of craft supplies and embellishments.
  6. Peel the backing off of your social media snapshot, press to stick, and enjoy your creation!

What would you create with the HP social media snapshots?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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