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I love Easter crafts for kids!  Not only are little bunnies, eggs, and baskets super cute and fun to make, their bright, cheery colors can make anyone smile!  I have found some wonderful crafts that are simple enough to make with your little ones, or of course, you can definitely make them on your own …

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The boys love listening to a good book.  I love seeing their excitement for a character like Corduroy or Clifford come alive.  To extend their excitement and understanding, I search for a fun craft or activity based on the book we have read.  This makes it fun for the whole family and provides a genuine …

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  I learned the fine art of watercolor resist back in elementary school, third grade, if I remember correctly.  After the first time, you will realize how beautiful it can look after it’s finished…and if you’re like me, realize that you don’t need to be so lazy the next time.  This craft does take time …

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